Like an acorn programmed to become a glorious oak tree, you have a vision within you of your greatest Life

I believe these desires are placed in us by Life itself. They are the journey to Self-actualisation so the steps to lead us there are also available through our very own in-tuition…

First necessity of progress Thomas Edison

1. Clarity is always the starting point for Success

The more we know what we don’t want and what we’re no longer available for, the more clarity we offer the universe

In a weird sort of way, being really upset is a good beginning

You can use this as the foundation for piecing your vision together and re-building it in a way that feels good to you

Reaching the “there must be another way” point opens up the channels for new ideas and infinite possibilities…

And knowing how you want to feel along the way is a super important part of the co-creative process. If the journey doesn’t feel good, the destination won’t either

2. Your Energy is Rising

Before seeing any results, you’ve started raising your energy. You are gently allowing yourself to be more in the flow 

You can do this one tiny step at a time, one day at a time. A daily gratitude practice can help. It all adds up.

Even if you’re in a precarious situation, you can choose a new perspective. A little prayer or intention of “I choose to see this differently” opens up the mind for inspired ideas to be whispered

This is Mindset work and is a super necessary part of calling in true success.

Waiting for whatever to feel satisfied is working it backwards. If you don’t feel good now, nothing on the outside will do it

You can visualize your desires, affirm words that are soothing, tap into your creativity, take a walk, dance… The goal is to shift into a better energy.

Success is always an inside job first

3. Driftwood as Signs for Success

When people around you start getting what you want. Be it the perfect partner, the dream house, the IPO, or anything else on your list… It’s like seeing signs of land when you’re out in the middle of the sea

Success coming to others in your circle is a Big sign that your desires are also en route

Be super happy for them and excited at this reality taking place around you ❤️

4. The Mirror of Life

When your world begins to mirror words and ideas that are aligned with your desires, that is confirmation that it’s all kicking in

Whereas before you might have been coming across nay-sayers and people who were quite discouraging, now your entourage is made up of believers.

Your inner work is translating into others supporting and helping you get there -> emotionally, financially, technologically… and in all sorts of other ways !

Signs of Success from the Universe

Seeing certain numbers can be one of the ways Life communicates

For me, it’s always 11:11. That tends to be my cheer-leading sign from the universe. Whenever I’m moving in the right direction, the 11s start popping up Everywhere

Other numbers in sequence can also be 222 (Love), 333 (wisdom), 444 (Angels), 888 (Abundance)

Your Personal Signs for Success

Signs for success

One of my signs for success is a feather. Whenever I need support of any kind — like which direction to go, holding the faith or just that I’m on the right track — feathers start showing up in the most surreal ways

When I started writing my first book, I woke up in the morning to find a white feather sitting on top of my laptop. How on earth it got there, I have absolutely no idea…

To figure out your own signs for success, just breathe, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and ask: What’s my sign ?

First thing that comes to mind is it !

5. Dancing with Life

The dance of co-creation is where it all gets really good. It’s such a different energy from the making things happen style so many of us learnt early on in Life

This is a whole different vibe. Signs for success popping up to add smiles to the journey…

Feeling good, living in flow, aligned with your goals. Trusting Life. Knowing that you are worthy and deserving of Everything your heart desires ❤️

Asking for guidance and being curious as to where this is going to come from (might be a book, a video, a song, a friend, a teacher or even Mother Nature). The point is to get super open-minded and open-hearted

Life is in the business of answering your questions

From there, the action steps will be revealed. And sure, these may require courage

The word courage comes from the French ‘coeur’ so Yes, the journey of the heart definitely requires us to RISE and shine 🌟

So much Love,

P.S. Here’s a fun book to read this summer !





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