Calling in soulmate clients, investors, Life partners

Calling in soul mate clients, investors, partners and more !

When I worked in finance, my boss gave me a list of client possibilities with their phone numbers.

I called them, one by one… Some I got voicemails. Some secretaries. And some, I got to talk to directly. Some called back. Some didn’t. Some I clicked with. Some I didn’t.

The ones I called again with business ideas were the ones I liked.

When my boss checked with me about how the list was going. I told him exactly what I was doing. He said “Rania, this isn’t dating, you have to call them again and again.”

I absolutely didn’t take his advice. I did it my way. I only spoke to people who felt good to my soul. Those are the relationships that grew.

Some were small accounts, but I gave them the same attention I would give the bigger ones. Eventually, their performance out-shined and either their funds grew substantially, or they went on to run bigger funds.

My strategy worked. I had some of the biggest clients in the market and I loved each and every single one of them. I wanted to support their success with all my heart.

I’ve always used this strategy in Life. People who feel good to me get to stay. And together, we co-create Amazing things !

Calling in Your Soulmate clients, again and again

When I started my coaching practice, I had the same mindset. As a result, I only ever call in soul mate clients. I Love them to bits and want to do everything in my power to help them bring their desires to Life.

I often hear and read about people calling in nightmare clients, bosses, investors, Life partners even. So I invite them to do the work.

My belief is that we draw to us our likeness. We draw to us people like us, energetically. Our internal state attracts. If it’s running on chaos, it will call that in, one way or another.

As far as I’m concerned, the work is ALWAYS on us. It’s about going inwards, sorting out our stuff and emerging with a world around us that matches.

We’re in the middle of launching a mega mega project. And now, we’re are the stage of choosing our investors. Again, I see these as partners for us to co-create something magnificent in the world of Education. And my policy stands. Only soul mate investors on board this ship 🌟

Success is an inside job

I know the whole boundaries subject is very en vogue at the moment. Again, it comes down to how you treat yourself. What you accept and allow into your world. Your standards set the tone for what you’re calling in… in Every area. Calling in your soul mate clients is a practice !

Relationships are assignments. Every single person who pops up in our world has something for us. Our job is to notice what triggers us and the patterns in who is showing up. It’s the Mirror of Life and it’s either reflecting our greatness or the parts of us we’d rather not deal with. But what we resist persists. So it’s really worth our while to face the tigers, learn the lessons and graduate once and for all.

If you’re ready to RISE, I invite you to do the work of cleaning up old limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. I feel this is the most important work you can do for yourself.

Start Now. Start right now. Exactly where you are. Do it from your heart. Do it as if your life depended on it. Because it really does.

So Much Love 💖





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