Transforming difficult conversations into win win results, with ease and grace, is the goal. This is a powerful tip to help you do that again and again, feeling pure satisfaction every time.

In every negotiation, whoever feels more passionately usually steers the conversation… That’s why it’s vital that our desires/goals/dreams be crystal clear – so we don’t create unconsciously, based on someone else’s agenda.

There are many conversation strategies that I’m a fan of:

  • No need to fill the silence unless you really have something to say
  • Allow others to finish their point without interrupting
  • Aha moments don’t have to be re-iterated, let people take them in their way

But above strategy, I have found, over and over again, that when our prayer is for the Highest good of all, perfect negotiation can take place unencumbered by ego.

This video offers an easy technique for peace of mind and win win solutions all around:

Having Win Win Conversations Every Time is an Art.

You know that moment in the conversation when you feel the ego is ready to take over and spiral it in the opposite direction from where you want to go?

It’s only downhill from there and what will be said might later be regretted.

The good news is, with practice, we can have winning conversations in every aspect of our life.

Your open-mindedness is all that’s required… Are you ready to discover a whole new way of transacting ?

Give this a try !

Sometimes, even though we are clear on desires, a little part of us hesitates about fully claiming what’s ours by divine right. It’s like a saboteur inhabits us and jams it when it’s about to get really good…

I created the Success on your terms online program to help understand where those blocks originate. Awareness is already a big part of healing our stuff.

When the path is clear, manifesting becomes a natural thing 🌟
Learn more about the NeuroScience and Energetics of turning dreams into reality !
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