Understanding men… and women !

Saint Valentine’s Day started being associated with romantic love in Chaucer’s circle. The tradition of courtly love blossomed in 18th Century England, when lovers would express their affection by offering flowers, treats and hand-written notes to each other. In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are also given as an invitation to unlock one’s heart.

And here we are, hand-written notes have given way to mass-produced greetings and I’ve been curious about these changes. So I’ve been discovering some of Alison Armstrong’s genius work on understanding men. Alison has made it her job, for over twenty years now, to study men. Her takeaways are truly fascinating. Here’s what I found most interesting so far!

Understanding Men


When there is amazing chemistry with a man, women tend to turn into pretzels in an attempt to be his perfect woman. Sound familiar ?!

And to top it off, exactly what makes women attractive in the first place:

  • Confidence
  • Authenticity
  • Passion

take major hits one after the other.

More than that, hot sex often camouflages mediocre technique. Food for thought.

And ladies, he is not the prize. You are! When we make him the prize, we go into work mode – to achieve. And we are doomed from there.

Alison’s advice is to date off-type. The men with whom you can breathe and be yourself.

Either that, or watch my relationships video from last February and learn how to Love fearlessly.


Happy women make men happy.

When a man is happy, he feels powerful.

Powerful men do amazing things in the world.

Herein lies the upward spiral where we go into partnership together and build a wonderful life.

Men are providers and protectors. Men are not mind-readers and are not programmed like women to register every little detail of their environment. They are hunters and register results. Men need to know the information that would allow them to provide, which is what they love to do. So, either ask for the info or ladies, begin volunteering it and see him RISE to the occasion!

Happy Valentine’s ❤️

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