Here’s the thing, our spirit which is strong, eternal and powerful beyond measure is housed by us

In-spirit = Inspired 

The way we treat our body, mind and soul allows our spirit to blossom and shine 🌟

Looking after our body is obvious. Are you eating healthy vibrant foods, bright fruit and veggies. 5 a day that kinda thing

Are you moving the Chi and taking care of your vessel ?

For our mind, it involves noticing the thoughts that are running the show and changing those that lower our energy. Meditation helps a lot with that

As you become aware of the limiting beliefs, you can choose to install new more expansive thoughts instead

Looking at the glass half full is how some people like to put it… and that’s a great start !

If you have one thing working out for you in a world of obstacles, be super super super grateful for that blessing and let the rest of your world join in with that good vibe

And the soul, are you feeding it material that soothes or are you planted in front of the TV ? Remember, the news profits from sharing fear

🌟 Are you keeping your system protected and filled with uplifting stories ?

🌟 Are you spending time in nature and allowing your mind to recalibrate ??

🌟 Are you being kind to you so you can offer that patience to others…

It really all begins with us. Our inner landscape is reflected by the world we inhabit

At some point, we have to understand that we can’t get poor enough to help the poor or sick enough to help the ill

It is from our strength that we get to impact the world and help heal the causes that touch us

So focus on what empowers you and uplifts you and soothes you

Fill your mind, body and soul with health and vitality and let yourself be the Lighthouse you came here to be

Create Success on your terms ❤️

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