I can trace back Every single mistake I have made in this lifetime to allowing someone’s advice to over-ride my natural instinct.

I have the most adorable friends and family. And people mean well, on every level. But the most important guidance we can Ever receive will come from deep within us.

I used to ask a lot of advice. And then, I discovered meditation and began finding all the right answers from inside me.

When I returned to London a few years ago, I got entangled in the ego’s fearful ways again. I grew up here, my top of the tops schooling was here, my career in finance was here… The whole logical thing was here.

The thing is when intuition whispers, it’s not necessarily linear or logical. In fact, hunches usually come from out of the blue. They cut straight past our ego programming. The guidance expands us into infinite possibilities…

Recently, when something happened that totally took me down for a moment, I remembered.

Again, I trace the error to my asking advice when I already knew what to do.

The advice confused me and I ended up not taking the step I was guided to… Of course, the end result wasn’t what I wanted.

So back to the drawing board. A return to Love and to trusting myself.

Hello Co-creation, let’s go ! Again ❤️

When we clarify our desires – and this is something we will do often, because contrast helps us fine-tune more and more. We direct our mind to begin the orchestration. Our mindset sets the tone for whether we choose to focus on fear or our desires.

Energy flows where the attention goes.

As an introvert, I usually like to do things at my own pace and that’s why I created the Success on your terms online program. It’s an easy way to access the guidance of creating on purpose. And designing Life on your terms.

You’ll own the content so you can revisit it whenever new blocks pop up. And they will. Because living a great life requires us to RISE again and again.

Onwards and Upwards 🌟





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