The net worth self worth equation is so intricate. When understood, it can make all the difference in the creative process.

I worked in finance for over a decade. Clearly, I made money. Big bonuses. And I was never a materialistic person, yet I found a way to spend it. Lots of ways actually.

Many years later, when I embarked on my journey to create what was truly meaningful to me, I found myself in a position where I had to re-examine the entire money puzzle. When I say re-examine, I really mean examine. Because let’s be honest here… How much time do we have to examine anything when we’re running around in that world??

It is with great pleasure that I now share this info with you. My lessons may help you make better choices and enjoy the energy world of which money is just one part. A very important part to be sure.

Money is energy. We bring it into our world through an exchange of value for value. Money is, in fact, a reward for the value we bring into the world.

When we create value, we are rewarded. The more we create what we ourselves value, the more we are rewarded for the long term. If our work feels non-sensical to us, all the money in the world can flow in, but will also flow straight out of our hands.

So let’s start at the beginning.

How clear are you on the Why ?

Without the energy of the Why, the money doesn’t really have a home. Clarity here is imperative.

What is driving your desire for money? What do you want it for? Go past the floating on the beach forever and ever. Say you’ve got that already… What else do you want? Rehash your dream life, that vision that is within you already. Bring it to Life. Think of the causes that touch you and how you can contribute. Think of what you Love to do and what you’re naturally good at. Think of what you’d like to know more about and explore that thread.

Being rich is our right. Living our most magnificent Life is the goal. We are here to create everything our heart truly desires. We are here to blossom and to inspire and help others in the process.

So take a moment to figure this out. Meditate on it. Write about it. Take walks and think about it. Sit in a bubble bath and dream it up. Because unless the vision is full-sized ie. Mega and inspiring, it won’t motivate you to find the strength within you to make it happen. You have every resource needed within you to create your Best Life. But unless you’re super clear on what it is you actually want, how can you possibly manifest it? You don’t want to live someone else’s vision, as in your Dad’s or your spouse’s, right? Who wants that? And yet, unconsciously, that’s exactly what most of the population is doing.

Life Coaching 101

Now that you have an outline of your desires, let’s get to work. Even the most ambitious and intelligent can feel overwhelmed with a Big Huge vision. So let’s break it down into bite-sized pieces.

The brain works on repetition. And as we begin dreaming it up, we will be inspired to take action steps. What we want to make sure happens is that we continue to take the steps no matter the outcomes. We may need to refine, improve and raise the game along the way. But the general gist, the feeling and essence of the vision will remain the same.

Here’s the good news: We tend to overestimate what we can do in a year and hugely underestimate what we can do in five. So keep the vision alive by dreaming it up,  adding detail, colour and texture to it every step of the way. And by this I mean daily, so the brain can register the goal and begin helping you with ingenious ideas to move it along.

All you will have to be is courageous enough to put yourself out there and take the action steps, no matter what is being asked of you. If it’s aligned with the vision and terrifies you at the same time, do it anyway. It’s the combination of scary and super exciting that wins every time 🌟

net worth self worth connection

The Net Worth Self Worth Connection

The main reason why entrepreneurs fail is because of the mindset. You are the entrepreneur of your Life and it is the strength of your mindset that will help you find the unshakeable inner confidence to create the Life of your dreams. True self worth comes from deep within and is essentially your own self-approval. Hence the net worth self worth equation. A lot of the time, at the deepest level of us, we’re not approving of ourselves because we know that we are settling for less than what we are capable of, in different areas of our Life.

Here are some examples of how we can blow money when our self-worth is not full-on. Think of lottery winners who find themselves back at square one. Think of actors who win the oscar and are in rehab a few months later. Think of divorces where the spouse wanders off with half the fortune. Think of lousy deals. And think of shopping…

It is therefore a must that you tap into your truth first and then, bring it to Life. Money is magnetised to us and sticks around when we have clear worthy goals. And the vision for our Best Life is entirely aligned with Life’s plans for us. In the same way that a little acorn blossoms into a magnificent oak tree, we have the programming within us to become the most self-actualised version of us.

When the mindset is strong and determined and you have faith in your vision, you will have the power to move mountains. The impossible becomes I’m possible! And money will show up to confirm that you’re heading in the right direction. And more than just show up, it will actually stick around and grow with you 🌟

Ready for a new relationship with Money ? Welcome !





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