A Mindful Response to Current Events

It’s easy to have a positive mindset when things are going well in our world. The real work is to keep it up through Life’s challenges.

This is why it’s called a practice… The brain’s default setting is fear. And if we feed that fear, we can actually make ourselves ill. 

For a moment, the world seems to have gone crazy. Between Corona, the volatility in the markets, questions about the economy, my beloved Lebanon turned upside down, Brexit, Italy in a standstill, the environment… OMG.

A Mindful Response to Current Events

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe. ~ Albert Einstein

I believe that Life is for us and that Everything is happening for our Highest good. Out of this, good will come. Finding the gold in the current situations is the way to transcend this phase.

The journey is always back to Source. Anytime Life feels challenging, we find the gold by opening up and wanting to heal our own fears. 

In full disclosure, I’d been resisting this Corona business…


  1. I understand the importance of our brain’s focus 
  2. I choose to not read the newspapers as I’m super selective about what I allow into my mind (and the important stuff always finds me one way or another!).

What we resist persists 

The topic is everywhere and it was coming at me non-stop. The more I resisted, the louder it got.

Then, I received an email from someone I respect and the subject line was Corona virus. I was shocked. In total resistance, I opened the email three days later.

I had actually forgotten that she was a critical care nurse in her previous career and her super enlightening words were music to my ears.

Turn resistance into curiosity

Of course, once I stopped resisting, I was actually inspired to share with you my take on the whole thing. 

A Mindful Response to Current Events

Some of the benefits of what’s currently going on:

  • Hygiene levels are rising around the world. And I’m personally So delighted about that !        Tip: Teach children to wash their hands singing the Happy Birthday song to themselves (Happy birthday to me… the full song) when they come home and as often as possible. I learnt this when I taught the little ones and I’m convinced that’s why I never get sick. And don’t touch your face when you’re out !
  • Mindfulness: People are starting to pay attention to Life, moment by moment. This heightened awareness will linger on way past current events. It’s essentially, an awakening…
  • In-tuition: When we slow down, we prepare to speed up properly. In spending more time at home and inwards, more intuitive ideas can be whispered to us. 
  • Creativity: Intuitive ideas lead to deeper creativity and more value added to the world in general.

Markets Watch

A Mindful Response to Current Events

The markets have been due a correction for a while… It’s normal and can be seen as a great time to replenish positions in companies we appreciate and value.

Lulu Lemon share performance


Great ideas will always be rewarded no matter the economic conditions.

Cyclically, economies go up and down. From a big picture perspective, the trend is upwards.

A Mindful Response to Current Events in Lebanon  

Here are the pluses:

 -> Oneness: The Revolution is raising consciousness for Lebanese all around the world. Finally, we’re rising above religion, political parties, geography etc. 

-> Awareness: Understanding what’s truly important: Love, Peace, Unity

  • Taking care of the beautiful gem of a country that God has given us
  • Being close to our families: Why do we need to go across the world for opportunities?
  • Children’s future: environment etc.
  • Our vote and activism matters, no matter how far away we may be

-> Education

Even though Lebanon has one of the best education systems around the world, hence why a lot of Lebanese do so well academically when they join schools and universities abroad. 

Like the vast majority of people around the world, what was missing was a financial education. Becoming financially literate is what empowers women and everyone. The younger we receive this education, the better. 

Tip: The Richest Man in Babylon is a great book to read. 

The NeuroScience of Wellbeing

What we think about expands 

Neurons work on a use them or lose them basis. This is how we re-wire the brain. So if you’ve been seeing the glass half empty your whole life, you can decide to change the outlook now. 

Focus on all the blessings instead, and you can install a rosy outlook in your system. Plus, you can do this at any age. The brain continues evolving as long as we want to.


Worry pretends to be useful but it's not

The press thrives on bad news. And the PR machine that’s been working on fear is having a ball now, distracting us from the real stuff and latching on to our primitive brain structure, which naturally defaults to fear. It’s the survival setting we needed back when tigers were jumping at us out of trees… Worry and fear can make you ill.

There’s a fun Will Smith film called Focus. You’ll get how the brain takes in subliminal messages…

Everything is healable. Our desire to live is the greatest motivator for the brain to change the storyline.


Ready for a more positive mindset ?

A few ideas for you:

🌟  Gratitude journal: Write down every little blessing every day. There’s always something to be grateful for…

🌟  Visualisation: Imagination is one of our most powerful and underused muscles. Download my free guided visualization and let me gently guide you to focus on your perfect Health/Wealth/Love and Self-expression. 

🌟 Declutter your mind: Morning pages help you brainstorm ideas and rituals can add energy. 

Mindful: Yes
Worried: No

And if you need help with this, my online programme is for you… I share so many techniques (+ videos, audios, meditations, visualisations etc.) you can turn to anytime to reset the focus !





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