The other person is You ❤️

Whatever you decide…

This can be quite complex to explain and it’s what we often re-visit with my coaching clients.

When we get it… it feels super empowering

Even me, who knows this by experience, sometimes I also have to re-visit it because human us tends to get caught up in the projection.

We are One. There is no other. I know that’s a major statement !

I’ll explain… In my book Tap into Miracles, I write about the Mirror of Life. If this is a new concept to you, you’ll enjoy this video

Whatever we appreciate in others are parts of us we can choose to bring out more of… and the irritating bits are also parts of us that we can look at and clear.

So when you choose to see it differently and ask for guidance, the answers make their way to you.

Notice what’s catching your attention and go there… Follow the energy, that’s your in-tuition.

Albert Einstein said that no problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it. It’s about going deeper within, self-reflecting and finding the erroneous thought that has dragged us into something that’s not so pleasing.

Whatever annoys us about others can help us understand and clear out what still needs healing within us. That’s Huge.

Whatever we focus on expands. It’s just the way the brain works,

In psychology, it’s called cognitive bias and it’s basically that you will be proven right in your thoughts !

This becomes super heightened if the ego has us in its grips with some fear story from the past that we haven’t yet completely cleared.

Where the attention goes, energy follows. This is how we unconsciously call in things we don’t actually want

The good news is that there are no mistakes. Ever.

The entire journey is one of expansion

We’re here to grow and evolve and become the most Amazing us in the process

So our job is to notice when we’re feeling off and return home to Love again and again and again…

When we’ve spiralled into fight/flight or freeze, this might require seriously deep breaths and often a few days to re-calibrate.

Having a daily practice in place allows you to catch it when you’re going off on tangents and have smoother comebacks

Deep down, we all know what we want. Sometimes, the other person’s behaviour helps us get what we really want.

We are super powerful. And drama is not necessary.

When you remember that the other person is You and is actually just helping you get more of what you truly want, we can release them with grace.

Your desires are placed in you by Life itself. They are yours by divine right.

We can opt out of the pain paradigm and choose to learn/grow with joy and peace instead

So much more than positive thinking !

Mirror work is a crux of my coaching practice

So whether the tyrant is showing up as your boss , an ex or anyone else in your world, the willingness to see things differently is where it’s all at…

Clearing this energy paves the way for your heart’s desires to flow to you with ease 🌟

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