You’ve Got This ! Let’s Play a Bigger game ❤️

Whatever You want… You Decide

This is how it goes.

You desire from the depth of your soul.


1. The Ego stuff 

All the fears and doubts will come to the surface in an attempt to keep you stuck in a comfort zone that’s not really that comfortable.

Private coaching with Rania LababidyThe word courage comes from the French “coeur” which means heart.

I believe that our desires are placed in us by Life itself. They are so unique to each and every single one… and they feel So good ! We wouldn’t be able to imagine them so clearly if they weren’t ours by divine right.

When you decide to RISE, as in you make the decision to pursue the call of your heart, choirs of angels and the entire universe join you in support.

Every single thing you need to clear out the junk in the way will appear: Books, videos, people, courses and more will make their way into your world 🌟

It can come in any form and you will be drawn to it immediately. Soul mate recognition.

If you find yourself resisting, pay extra attention

Notice what’s opening you up for expansion… A new way of doing things.

Truth feels good

When you trust yourself and take the aligned steps, even though they may feel scary af, you will overcome every single objection to reach for your dreams.

The question is: Are you called…

Is this life / passion / person / purpose worth it to you ?


2. Guidance

The steps to get you there will also be whispered…

Some people call it intuition. Others call it a gut feeling or a hunch.

I call it in-tuition

It’s the part of our brain that can connect the dots and allows us to notice what would be most helpful for our goals.

It’s our gift from Life and a personal GPS to lead us, step by step, to the desires of our heart.

Here’s the thing though, these steps are not necessarily easy. In fact, they usually aren’t.

It might feel like fun and they’ll definitely create energy within you.

With practice, as you get to know the voice of your inner wisdom and trust it more and more, the nudges will be easier to recognise.

And even if they challenge the ego, you’ll know from experience that they’re worth acting on !

Sometimes, it flows… like a river

Other times, it may pull at you here and there.

If it does halt you in your tracks, there’s something in it for you to look at, heal and outgrow. A limiting belief of some sort that you get to review and clear.

Choose and Decide to RISE and Shine ~ Daily


That’s where it all begins… 

So much more than positive thinking !

The Welcome to a new relationship with Money program is about re-aligning with your soul to Create A Life You Love

The content is yours for life. You can enjoy it at your leisure… Ready to play a Bigger game ?

You’ll have immediate access and infinite re-plays to stay connected to your Big picture:




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