Feel the fear… & RISE !

Be not afraid… but let your world be gently lit by miracles. ~ A Course in Miracles

Life is a journey of growth and progress. In order to rise, we must break out of comfort zones. This will happen over and over again on our path to self-actualisation. We are here to claim our most magnificent life and along the way, we will have to slay the fears.

Fear is not real. Only Love is real. And when we believe in the presence of fear, we have temporarily forgotten who we are. We are spirits inhabiting a body, here to create and bring forth our absolute best. Holding on to a spark of faith allows us to continually strive for a truer existence.

The truer we are to ourselves, the more we remember who we are and in that process, desires are ignited. A desire to rise. A desire to live our best Life. No two ways about it. We are all here to live our greatness.

I have made a couple of videos to help unravel the fears and move through them… Conquering and rising every step of the way.

Feeling the feelings is a pivotal part in the process. From reading one of Gabby Bernstein’s recent posts, I discovered a technique she learnt through her coach. Allowing ourselves 90 seconds (setting a timer if necessary) to completely feel the fear and how it shows up in our body (tight tummy, fluttering heart etc.) so we can fully recognise it. Breathing in and out…

In my experience, being fully present to our fears, allows us to transcend them with more ease and grace. 

Feel the fear and Rise

To discover more of Gabby’s inspiring work, check out her beautiful book The Universe Has Your Back 

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