Health is inner peace and like everything else, healing migraines begins with knowing ourselves and understanding the triggers.

In this video, I explore natural options for relaxing the racing mind which is how migraines originate… These are long term solutions for healing migraines naturally, once and for all.

Here’s my easy 3 step process for healing migraines naturally:

Healing migraines the natural way

I suffered from migraines for years. My Mum and Grandfather also had them regularly, so the understanding was that it’s a hereditary issue. I would get them weekly… Super conscientious me would travel all week on business, doing my best on the work/Life front, then I would crash at the weekend, cancel all the fun bits and switch off from the world. By Monday, I’d be ready to tackle a new week. This cycle went on and on until I arrived in NYC and my doctor there prescribed the super drug that would obliterate them in minutes. She was like “who suffers from migraines these days?” The pills worked like magic but they would take me out, in every sense.

I was in the world of finance in those days and my work was an adventure from which I learnt a lot, but definitely not what I was naturally programmed for. And more than that, I was so out of touch with my needs, frantically running around airports and different cities, completely ignoring my introvert energy. My Life was extrovert by definition. Open work spaces, big parties, airplanes, airports, always surrounded by people – exactly what pulls the energy straight out of an introvert.

Migraines are a result of being out of balance, one way or another. Our life may be out of sync with our nature in general, and this is something we can address in an organic step by step manner. As we re-calibrate internally, the outside world begins to reflect that harmony.

Self-care is not a luxury

When we look after ourselves with compassion, we are able to share that kindness with the world. This ends up creating a ripple effect of healthy energy, reinforcing good habits:

Sleep is essential for health and wellbeing, as well as the normal functioning of our brain and hormones. When migraines hit, the cure is always rest. The idea is to become extra protective of your sleep, allowing your body the rest it needs regularly.

The food we eat is quite simply an input = output equation. Eating a healthy diet enriches us with energy, whilst filling ourselves with processed foods depletes us as our system gets to work trying to digest the junk. A messy diet is always a potential migraine trigger.

Three Easy Steps:


  • Our brain is a muscle and migraines are often triggered from an over active mind. Calcium and Magnesium are nature’s muscle relaxants. I have found that supplementing the diet with Calcium and Magnesium can help with a good night’s sleep and calming the system when the thoughts are racing. The usual Cal-Mag supplement is double Calcium to Magnesium. For halting a migraine in its tracks, you want that ratio in reverse, double Magnesium to Calcium. I used to buy this at Wholefoods in NYC.


  • Herbal teas are such a lovely way to add a pleasurable moment to your day. You can add some honey and use the opportunity to take a deep breath of Life. I have always been fascinated with herbs and their miracle powers to heal us naturally. As a teenager, I started reading Anne McIntyre’s books and until today, I continue to refer to her genius for healing any ailment. For migraines, what has helped me keep them at bay all these years now is Lemon Balm tea. I drink that in the morning and it sets me up for great days !


  • The surest way to keep your mind in tip top shape is through meditation. This daily pause allows you a moment of rest, recalibrating the thoughts and bringing you back home, to your natural state of peace. With a regular practice, you will also connect with an inner guidance that will whisper genius ideas and infinite possibilities. If this is something you’re curious about, get my Free Goodies and enjoy a beautiful guided visualization 🌟





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