Getting into the Vortex

This is a super easy mindset shift you can do on the go for quick satisfying results promptly… Enjoy!


  • Carpe Diem!

There is a feeling we’re after. Whatever it is that we want, it’s because we believe that when we have it, we will feel a certain way. Happy. Confident. Safe. Beautiful. Powerful. Wealthy. Free. And much more. Mostly, it’s a combination of feelings we’re after. For instance, I want to feel inspired, creative and peaceful. And I want it to be easy and fun and abundant!

We have to capture the feelings we’re after now. Life inspires me, passionate creative people enchant me and Mother Nature makes me feel peaceful. So I know how to tune in to my desired feelings now. When I am in those states that feel so good to my soul, I am a magnet for everything that I want. I’m on the same wavelength as my desires. Ideas flow through me and I tend to be in the right place at the right time. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s abundant!


  • Like Attracts Like

Imagine that we want to listen to Jazz on the radio, we have to find the right frequency and we will be exposed to the best Jazz on Jazz FM, for instance. If we’re not on the right frequency, we’ll get some other tunes…

So that’s the key, we must be on the same vibe as our desires in order for them to manifest. Misery attracts misery. It’s complicated, choppy and very unsatisfying because we know that our spirit is capable of so much more.

We are very powerful and when we understand this vibration business, we’re on a roll. It’s rock & roll to everything that our heart desires ❤


  • Co-Creating with the Universe

Remember, Life responds to feelings. Our brain’s orchestration doesn’t distinguish between past, present and future. It just responds to repeated feelings. So the more you hang out in your desired feelings, the quicker the manifestation. This is more important than all the legwork you will ever do. Essentially, from this space, the best ideas will emerge. And acting on those will prove to be a far more efficient way of achieving your goals.

Do whatever it takes to capture the feelings. Imagine, self-soothe, dance, watch the sunset, play with a child… Whatever takes you there!

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