Workaholic, alcoholic, chocoholic, shopaholic… and more.

All addictions whether to desserts, drugs or TV are a way of numbing the feelings. But, as the saying goes, what we resist, persists.

When we stop fighting the feelings and allow them to exist as part of our internal guidance system, we restore our health and energy. From that place of vitality, we can move forward with clear intention and purpose.

Here’s the formula:

  1. Feel the feelings 
  2. Stop fighting with the present
  3. Own it. Take full responsibility for your part in it
  4. Understand the lesson so you won’t repeat it
  5. Forgive yourself and all those involved
  6. Get humble and ask for guidance through 
  7. Be fully open-minded to the solution
  8. Thank God, Life, the Universe for solving it 😇

When we believe that Life is for us and that every difficulty is just an invitation for us to RISE, we remember who we are. Those moments are essentially a chance for us to go deeper in our connection with a Higher power that is guiding us to live our most magnificent life.

Our desires are Life’s whispers to us that this is the way. When we connect to that, we’re in sync and in the flow again. The energy feels good to us and those around us.

How do you self soothe ?

Remember when you were a kid—How did you recalibrate after drama? After a crying fit for instance . . . Children left to their own devices will enter another world. A world of their making—imaginary friends, cars, scenarios, songs, dance. And within minutes, they have self-soothed and their vibration has completely been changed to one of joy or peace. That, is magic. They choose, maybe subconsciously at this stage, a way into a better feeling. 

We adults have that option too. A bubble bath, a walk in nature, calling someone who makes us laugh, a good book, a swim, cooking, gardening, dancing. So many ways to move into a better feeling. 

Note that these self-soothing options don’t involve alcohol, sweets or other destructive and short-term band-aid solutions. 

We have to know how to shift vibration. 

[ excerpt from my book Tap into Miracles ]

Happiness is an inside job

Counting on someone or something to make us happy is actually working backwards. To create what we want, we have to inhabit the feelings first. Do whatever it takes to find your peace in this moment. And then, begin taking in the images and ideas of what it is you’re wanting to manifest.

The universe is creative. It’s responding to our thoughts, words and feelings. If we’re feeling fear, then it’s bringing more fearful stuff to us. So the work is all on self-soothing. When we are living in peace and joy, we become natural magnets for what we want.


Do more of what makes you sparkle

Here’s what makes me sparkle:

Writing. Reading. Aha moments. Helping others reach aha moments that transform their lives. Dancing. Bubble baths. Deep conversations. People who are passionate about life. Delicious meals. Country moments. Purple flowers. Meditation. Inspiring entrepreneurs. Powerful true stories… A good laugh and discovering great music 🌟

What do you Love Love Love ?

Painting. Cooking. Building. Technology. New Restaurants. Sunsets. Gardening. Picnics. Swimming. Skiing. Tennis. Mother Nature. Yoga. Sports. Film. Photography. Massages. Happy children. Fashion. Travel. The sea, the mountains…

The point is to find what lights you up. And don’t wait for the perfect time. People often tell me “when I have the energy…” It actually works the other way around. Just do it ! Self soothe and you’ll have the energy!

Self Soothe Your Way To Miracles

Let your desires lead the way. Bring all of you to the table. Allow your vulnerabilities to co-exist. The truth is powerful.

Remember, to receive the good, we have to be at the same frequency. Like attracts like. In misery, we can’t possibly attract anything good. 

Part of the manifestation involves shifting into a better feeling. From there, the work is done. Just hanging out in that space. Essentially making happiness a full-time job. And then, watch your creations join in, one by one. 

As A Course in Miracles teaches, “ The miracle is therefore a lesson in what joy is.” 


My Free Miracles Mindset Course includes a beautiful guided meditation to help self soothe and start your day right ! Here you go…





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