Energy equals matter moving forward. Albert Einstein discovered that “nothing happens until something moves.” To move is to feel.

The Chinese express it as moving Chi or energy around the body. Emotion is to create movement.

Love, anger, fear are all meant to incite us to move forward – either towards what we love or away from what makes us angry. Even fear is about proceeding with caution.

This video is about aligning your energy for great results. Good Energy = Amazing Life

Energy creates. 

When you decide to align yourself with good energy daily through practices that keep you in good vibes, you elevate yourself and become a natural magnet for your desires (or better!)

More important than any leg work you will ever do, is the frame of mind you’re in when you take on the day.

Good vibes call in people and events that feel good to you. We want to release what no longer serves so we can be an energetic match for what we actually want to call in.

The most important job daily is to do whatever it takes to align yourself with thoughts, words, emotions and anything that can lead you to inspiration. When you notice that you’re feeling off and genuinely have a desire to shift that energy, you will be naturally led back to your innate state of Love.

Gratitude and appreciation for even the tiniest of blessings can help take you there fast.

Listening to music that uplifts. Hanging out with little kids. Sitting in a bubble bath. Reading/watching/listening to something that inspires you… Every little bit helps.

It’s all in your willingness to shift states.


Establishing a daily practice is a great way to train your mind to stay in this space.

I like to start my days with some form of intention setting exercise so my desired feelings are top of my mind’s focus.

With the Success on your terms online program, you’ll have various meditations and visualizations you can pick and choose from, and come back to daily to access inspired ideas, again and again.

It’s really like the gym, you keep going to feel and see results. Consider it the gym for the mind.

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