Let’s talk about charisma

Ok, who has the most charisma ?

Isn’t it kids ?!

They’re So bubbly, excited about Life, absolutely unapologetic about their desires, fearless and ready to do whatever it takes !

Charisma and God Cluband they’re just So charming in the process

It’s fact. It’s research. It’s medical proof that hanging out with kids can cheer you up and let you live longer…

Dr Maria Montessori said they come fresh from God so their power is still intact

I was thinking about all the footballers who were most appealing to me during the World Cup

It was Saka for England, Olivier Giroud for France and Messi for Argentina

Later on, I was listening to them in interviews and reading Tweets

I detected a common thread:


Whatever name you choose, this Higher power is the common denominator not only for these super charismatic men

It’s the inspiration and charisma behind All the great creators

Be it Steve Jobs who had a practice for years before the Apple idea and all the way through. Or Einstein who believed that intuition was more important than knowledge. Or Michelangelo who saw the Angel in the David and chiselled away all that wasn’t…

and they’re So happy to share that. Complete acknowledgement of where their power originates.

There is success and then there is Success

There are a lot of successful people out there but why do some inspire us in such a major way whilst others absolutely do not…

Inspired = In-spirit

It’s like a God club and its members recognise each other somehow

it’s not about religion. It’s about a Higher power and it transcends any specific dogma

It’s a connection that goes past what happens in Church or in a temple

It’s a unifying force 🌟

It’s a universal language of Love and miracles

I was listening to SIA the other day. I Love her music and there was a song called Stop Trying on her We Are Born album.

Of course, I was intrigued about the lyrics because that’s the exact concept. Stop trying to do it alone. You’ll be guided. The steps will be whispered. One by one

and there it was: “to grow you have to get down on your knees…” Of course !

It’s like we’ve all been through some sort of experience that took us there – really took us there

It’s not that we’re paying lip service to it as many people do

No, I’m talking about being down on your knees in a state of total surrender

Often, it’s thought that surrender is giving up

I see surrender as the Big turnaround when the co-creation can actually begin. And your God given power is retrieved…

You’re now en route to creating Success on your terms

A Success that feels So good to you: Mind, Body and Soul. But not just for you. This is a Success that uplifts others too in the process 

It’s not necessarily an easy journey at all times. But it’s definitely on purpose

It feels guided and supported and true and real

It’s a peeling off of the layers we’ve picked up from an unconscious environment

It’s a return to truth. The real Truth

The lessons and growth along the way are part of our personal evolution: Developing charisma

It’s the remembering Who you really are ❤️

I’m in the business of miracles

I am here to empower good-hearted humans Creatively and financially

Life lessons can come in many forms… It can be health, relationships, career or finances

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money online program is all encompassing

When we look at and re-organise old patterns of thought and beliefs, we create a new feeling in our body. This naturally translates into more flow and living on purpose:

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money




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