Wondering how the mindfulness, mindset thing works ? This clip will answer your questions:

The Journey of In-tuition

You are super powerful.

You are creating on purpose.

Your thoughts and words matter.

When our mind is in-spirit (inspired), creative possibilities can be heard and felt, every step of the way…

In the same way that an acorn is programmed to become a magnificent oak tree, you have an internal GPS leading you towards your most self-actualised Life.

The opportunities might be staring us in the face, but unless our mindset is allowing abundance to flow in easily, we might miss them.

UK Life Coaching

Athletes at the peak of their career have coaches.

Why some people are trying to figure it all out on their own is completely bewildering.

There are coaches and coaching packages at every price point. There are free resources, blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos… You name it, the answers are available.

The thing is, we have a human need to cling on to being right. Our outdated beliefs become our Life… Say you believe that making money is a struggle. You learnt that growing up and basically, you’ve spent your entire Life proving it right.

Why not invest in sorting out some of those beliefs that limit you and affect your energy ?

Why not declutter all that’s no longer serving you so you can step into your greatness and a Life that feels good to you…

Coaches are in the business of helping you make your dreams come true.

Personally, had this option been available to me in my days in finance, I would have jumped at it. The joy of having someone completely on my side, whose mission is to open me up to the possibilities of my desires, would have been music to my ears.

There are coaches for Everything: Creativity coaches, Executive coaching, Health coaches, Relationship coaches, Money coaches, Success coaches… Whatever you need.

Some people are looking for the most expensive coach, others are looking for the most reasonable package out there. It doesn’t matter. Find someone you like and resonate with… and if your intuition is saying there’s something there for you: to learn, to know, to experience, to discover, to understand, that’s your internal GPS speaking. Trust yourself.

Open up your mind and heart… and choose to let it be easier than Ever before.

You deserve A Life You Love ❤️

My Journey to UK Life coaching

When I was a little girl, I would sit my dolls in a circle and share with them whatever I was learning at school.

Fast forward, I’m in the world of finance. And I’m sharing with my clients herbal remedies for the flu, education solutions for their children and more !

So, I decide to enter the world of education. After a Masters degree from NYU”s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human development, I decide to put my learning to work. I create a centre in Paris to accompany schools in introducing kids to more creativity and learning languages in early childhood.

Then I find out is that it’s the adults in the kids’ world who have all the questions !!! And with conversations after class, over lunch, tea and by phone… I start to hear again and again “We should be paying you for this.” Et voilà, a new career is born !

My favourite part of the workshops we host in companies and in the education world now are the question and answer sessions.

From what happens if I fall asleep in meditation… to how does finding our purpose coincide with what the children are being taught at school ??

If you’re in town, join us at the University of London for a super empowering conversation about mindset, mindfulness and miracles ❤️

To enjoy some of my presentations from the comfort of your home, click here !





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