Banking World Adventures (SVB etc)

Let’s talk about what happened to the 16th largest bank in the US and what is currently rippling through the sector

When we put our money in the bank, we expect to feel safe. This is what we’ve been taught… Save for a rainy day !

Ok, let’s bust all this right now

Money safety does not come from what you have in the bank, or from investments, or from a lucrative job, or a wealthy spouse

Money is first and foremost an internal state.

If you feel the safety from something or some place outside of you, Life will continue to show you how vulnerable you are

Your relationship with money will remain wobbly and your safety will feel continually at arm’s length

Your safety. Your worth. Your Money comes from an internal self worth click

Basically, you Remember Who the f*ck You Are

You are the holy Child of God Himself and like all of God’s creations, you have an embedded code for your own self-actualization

In the same way an acorn is programmed to become a glorious oak tree and an embryo becomes a baby with all the intricacies that involves (the ears, the eyes, the sense of smell and touch and So much more)… all of this is happening internally.

Thank goodness humans don’t have a say in the most phenomenal of creations 💖

Banking World Adventures

Of course, the first frisson would happen in a bank holding predominantly start up founders’ cash.

Why is that ? Because founders and many entrepreneurs have a super complicated relationship with money

Where fear is involved, Life will have a go

Love creates the miracles

Love comes from God

Love is Who You Are

and when we deviate into fear, it cuts into our reality

My favourite strategist writes a newsletter entitled Greed or fear

What motivated many Lebanese expatriates to place their funds in Lebanon was a combo of that: Greed and fear

But there are no shortcuts to your Money situation. There’s no hacking involved. All that is a short term ploy the ego contrives. Eventually, it comes tumbling down one way or another

As long as there is a trace of fear, then Life is helping you erase that

It’s the same in relationships and jobs and everything really

Love is Your Power 

When you understand that Your Life matters and your desires are in you for a reason 

and you trust yourself and Life, you enter a whole new chapter of Co-creation

With Life on your side, you are invincible 

Your desires are yours by divine right

It’s time to claim them 🌟

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money:

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money

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