Getting Oxygen to the Brain: 2 Ways

Getting oxygen to the brain for optimal health and solutions is something we can practice and turn into a habit. This is what opens up the mind’s creative centres and allows us to hear, feel and sense intuitive ideas.

We don’t learn emotional intelligence at school or university. And yet, this is what informs how we handle Life’s adventures, with grace.

Taking 100% responsibility for our Life is the way. It’s not his fault, her fault, the situation’s fault… It’s not corona or the government or China or anything outside of us. Owning where we’re at fully is what reminds us of our power to create new outcomes. We’ve got this and within us, are all the resources and possibilities to turn anything around.

In the depths of the deepest recessions, innovative ideas were birthed and creative solutions were found again and again. Clarify all the bits you can control. Breathe in… And take inspired action on those, starting right now.

Work Smarter, not harder

When we allow oxygen to reach the brain consciously and on a regular basis, we keep our system replenished and ready to pop out great ideas.

When we get caught up in fearful thoughts, we can cause the brain to go into fight, flight or freeze. This slows the oxygen from reaching the neocortex, the more evolved part of our brain which can figure out all sorts of solutions.

Today’s video will show you two ways to deliver oxygen to your brain on a regular basis, therefore looking after your mind’s genius !

Purpose over panic

Let’s make this the best year of our Life. Let’s not catch the herd mindset… We are deliberate creators. Life never gives us more than we can handle. Who we become en route to our truest goals is the journey of a Lifetime.

Life’s challenges are a big part of the journey. Overcoming things, growing as a result. Handling the unexpected and being open to dancing with Life, instead of resisting it, is essentially the way.

The goals keep us focused and allow our brain to continue delivering ideas and solutions.

So stay focused, go to the spiritual gym daily, move your body and let your genius emerge in the midst of all this !

I can’t think of a better time to re-assess goals, connect to good energy, be open-minded to new ideas and come out on the other side of this stronger and more alive.

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