Some Sunshine News for You !

The world reflects our inner landscape: the ideas and emotions we believe. We project our thoughts outwards and this becomes our reality. At any point, we can decide to see differently.

We can choose to see through the lens of Love instead. Choose peace. And a new perspective. We can do that again and again, all day long. Every day. One thought at a time…

Our thoughts create our world. When we feel lousy, we’re basically running a scary movie on repeat in our mind, You get to change the channel – ANYTIME you like. And as a result, your reality starts to cooperate with your new ideas.

That’s how powerful you are… Isn’t that great news 💝

In today’s video, I share a beautiful reminder from my book about changing our mind on what we choose to see 

Change but your mind on what you want to see and all the world must change accordingly ~ A Course in Miracles

Tap into Miracles, A Reminder

When we come into the world as children, we’re in Love with Life. We’re fascinated by Mother Nature and filled with curiosity and Amazing energy.

With time, we can forget who we really are… and in that separation, we pick up the world’s fear.

The journey is about remembering who you are. It’s about dissolving limiting beliefs and constricting ideas you may have picked up along the way.

You spirit is strong and eternal and by being inspired (in-spirit), you re-connect to your truth and power.

So, find the beauty. Follow your curiosities. Look for inspiration. Be open to new ideas. Allow creative solutions to make their way into your world. And be grateful for every little blessing…

Life is waiting to answer your every question. Accept the Present as it is. It’s called the Present for a good reason ! Relish the silence… still your mind.

Trust the guidance and welcome the learnings.

Anytime, Life is challenging you in any way… Don’t resist the discomfort. As Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Feel the feelings. Cry the tears, Journal or talk it out.

Do whatever you have to do… And ask for help. Ask the angels. Ask Life. And keep going until you heal the issue. In that healing, you’ll not only uplift yourself. You would have become a miracle worker. Your learnings will go on to serve the world 🌟





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