Life lessons are non-negotiable. But the way we learn them is up to us.

The big question is would you rather learn through pain or joy ?

Most people pay attention when it gets too painful.

Think of a little kid playing with scissors… The adult pulls them out of his hands for his wellbeing. The child cries but it’s for his good.

That’s exactly how Life does it as well. We think we’re fine with whatever but Life knows that we’re not heading in the right direction for our healthy growth and evolution. So it pulls things out of our hands. Relationships, health, money and much more.

Trust Life

The first lesson is to Trust Life.

Surrender to a Higher power that knows better than you what’s best for you… And let it surprise you with an orchestration far greater than you might ever have imagined.

Life is so clever and knows the shortcuts to getting you the desires you didn’t even know you had !

Most people resist the discomfort, by either:

  • Fighting it off in a scramble to figure out the solution, or
  • Numbing it with food, alcohol, TV etc.

But there is so much value to going inwards with a genuine desire to learn and grow from these experiences. That’s where the gold can be found.

By making peace with the now and using the moment as a chance to go deeper within, and connect, we are gently guided to the present. It’s called the present for a very good reason. It’s so rich in gifts !

And from there, we emerge stronger, wiser and a lot more interesting ❤️

Andrew Cuomo Life lessons RL

Life Lessons in uncertain times

Andrew Cuomo’s briefings are filled with talk of Life lessons. I’m fascinated by so much of what he’s sharing…

If you’re curious and would like to have an idea of his style in politics, I’ve shared a few of my favourites on Twitter.

A lot of people talk about change and progress but human nature likes control and the status quo.

Every once in a while (like now!), we hit a moment where the feeling is “OK, I’m ready. I get it.”

In these times of reflection, we get to choose again.

Today’s video is about Life lessons. And the decisions we make about learning through Love:

Think of the people you admire and respect. What kind of journeys have they had ? And isn’t it in their overcoming of Life lessons that they inspire as they RISE and Shine 🌟





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