“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

Relationships are assignments. Every single person we encounter is an assignment.

Loving the lovable is easy… The challenge is to be open to learning from the more difficult assignments. 

This is the school of Life and we are here to remember that only Love is real. And that Everything is happening for our Highest good.

So when someone triggers or annoys you in any way, question the part of you that this is mirroring… Reflect on the lessons this assignment is trying to teach you.

If we run away from the assignment, another one will be presented shortly thereafter !

So find the gold and graduate from the lesson in a way that feels good ❤️

This video is about the relationships that are most up close and personal to us:

Unfinished Business

Notice how we tend to be attracted to people who in one way or another remind us of our childhood programming. Depressed Mum, Doting Mum, Absent Dad, Ambitious Dad . . . Catch the similarities? You will now. It’s our way of taking off from where the pain left off and believing that this one (quite similar) subconsciously chosen will get it right. they will love us the way we need to be loved. Chances are quite slim though since we’ve chosen the same character.

Take the boy who had a socialite Mum who was too busy and perhaps just not very maternal. He falls in love with a total socialite in the hope that this one will become more loving and maternal through the relationship, the marriage even. Or the girl who chooses a total workaholic, just too busy for her with his life. She’s back to square one, priority number 10 on the list! How are these people going to heal an old wound? Their love is familiar, so we are attracted but unless we are consciously bringing up our hurts to be healed, we’re going to spiral from one attraction to another, different faces same relationship.

~ Excerpt from my book Tap into Miracles

Tap into MiraclesRelationships are assignments

The Relationships chapter in Tap into Miracles covers the whole range from soul family to tyrants… So if this is an area in your life that is presenting challenges, definitely worth checking it out 🌟






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