Myers-Briggs and Social Media

Myers-Briggs and Social Media

So I’ve been resisting Facebook for years. I started a business in Paris a few years ago and created a page for KidsMeridian and left it at that.

Twitter, on the other hand, I totally jumped on board. Over the years, I put so much love in every Tweet and have collected a nice group of people I follow and some followers along the way.

Twitter provided answers to questions I would have on the day and I always felt energy going on there and sharing something.

KidsMeridian was the beginning of my new career in the sense that my understanding of intuition started becoming concrete during that phase and it eventually lead to writing a book and now to speaking engagements.

As I build up momentum, YouTube felt like a natural next step. Again, I dived in wholeheartedly and find myself checking those stats first thing in the morning. I Love YouTube! I love the infinite possibilities of YouTube… I have no idea who will find my videos but I know that they will reach those who are ready for the messages. My prayer and intent.

I knew that I was missing out on the possibilities of Facebook and I could feel it when my brother and friends would share my posts to lots of like’ers.

So, finally, I dived in. I was immediately hooked. Within three days, I was spending huge chunks of my day and night absorbed in the amount of data available on there. Three days later, I was out of action. Migraines are a direct result of too much brain work. Yup, that was my case. Even, in the midst of a very intense Jivamukti yoga class, the FB info was still circling my mind. Wild.

This is what I have learnt in my foray so far. Every SJ and SP I know is on Facebook. Not only are they on FB, they Love it! Facebook is about data. All this info available. It’s like one step deeper than Google, or quite a few steps further! Depending how far we want to research.

That’s what exhausted the NF in me. All that research. NFs are intuitives, we go with our vibes. We trust our vibes. And we are the idealists of the world. We have messages we feel passionately about and we want to share them – Out Loud. Twitter and YouTube are exactly for that. You write, you speak, you sing, you create… You want to share your ideas so here we go, Twitter adds energy for that experience. Whether as a politician, a teacher, a healer, the message is clear and concise and timely. Whether it receives a “like” or not is not the object. It’s about something coming from the inside of us and needing to emerge, somehow. Perhaps it also has to do with an element of anonymity. The recipients are not necessarily friends or family, they are like-minded people with whom we connect quite naturally.

Apart from a few NTs I glanced here and there, the NT type appears to be missing from the general social media platform. Mostly present on Linkedin. The NT personality type is the most strategic and is therefore, I would imagine, orchestrating what to share publicly. That’s my take anyway. Please add to this discussion below if you have more ideas!

I’m about to discover Pinterest and will report further if I have more insights.

In the meantime, I continue to reconnect with childhood friends on Facebook and I have to say, That is a treat for any type… So, thank you Facebook 🙂

Quick summary of the four Myers-Briggs groups I have focused in on for the purposes of this post:

NF The Romeo and Juliettes of this world. People-oriented and intent on finding the best in others. Democratic leaders. Generous and deeply caring.

NT Thinkers and highly analytic. The engineer in them enjoys distilling an idea to its core and geniously piecing it back together using their intellect.

SJ Responsible builders of tradition. The word “should” often plays a part in their vocabulary. Driven by duty to their family, friends and the organisations they serve.

SP Natural negotiators. At ease with themselves and great at responding to crisis. More chilled out version of SJ. The P factor allows them to be more “laissez-faire.”

And for more tips re: Myers-Briggs, here’s my Introvert/Extrovert video!





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