It was in the City of Light that I started to clarify my desires on purpose.

At the deepest level, I always knew what I wanted… We all do.

I believe the vision is within us from the start. A soul journey.

The moment we get on purpose, a Co-creation begins.

When we ask, it’s already done. In essence.

The thing that gets in the way and can delay it is our own stuff.

  • Do you believe you can have it ?
  • Do you believe you are worthy of it ?
  • Do you believe in ease and grace ?
  • Do you trust yourself and your desires ?

That kinda stuff.

We can get tripped up thinking there’s something we still need to know, learn, accomplish, be etc before we are entitled to our heart’s desires.

Hence the delay… and the lessons along the way

Love taught me about intuition and trusting its whispers above the ego/fearful mind and the opinions of others

Money taught me about how worthy I am of my heart’s desires

Migraines taught me about the importance of staying true to myself

The mind is like a GPS. Give it an instruction and it will find the path of least resistance to your goal.

So what happens then ???

We get in the way. If you just desired and fully aligned with it in feelings, thoughts, words, energy and action steps, it would be yours instantly.

But we introduce a million other things into the equation.

It’s like giving the GPS a destination and then changing it again and again………. That confuses the system.

We think about 70,000 thoughts a day. Imagine if they were all energetically aligned .

Instant Manifesting ❤️

This is about So much more than positive thinking.

It’s about healing what needs healing.

It’s about unveiling the layers of stuff we’ve picked up over the years. Often, it’s other people’s limitations that we’ve embedded before we knew better.

It’s more than Gratitude lists, although I Love those too !

It’s about getting intimately honest with yourself. And then having the courage to follow through…

It’s about Loving yourself right now exactly as you are. No more ifs, whens and buts.

It’s about trusting Life. And knowing that nothing happens by mistake. The dots do connect.

It’s about being yourself, through thick and thin.

It’s about showing up as the person you want to be

And piecing it all together, step by step

Day by day

On purpose.

It’s time to RISE and Sparkle

Here’s to your Best One Yet… On Purpose 🌟





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