I’ve decided 2022 is going to be the year of instant manifesting.

Abracadabra !

I like to choose a word for the New Year.

In 2021, I chose Ease… I wanted to manifest my desires with ease.

I knew how to “make things happen” but I was So over that vibe.

As a result, Every struggle area in my life was brought to the Light.

It took until November… Before I got it 🌟

We are super powerful. And our words matter. They are extensions of our thoughts.

At the deepest level, we all know what we truly desire.

The Big picture is clear. I believe the vision is within us from the start. A soul journey.   

It’s the “How” that gets us…. But when we commit, the helpful components start showing up. Every step of the way will be lit for you. 

May this be the year you choose on purpose:

  • Choose to trust yourself

  • Choose to to be yourself, the full version of you

  • Choose to claim all the good that’s yours by divine right

  • Choose to let it be easier than Ever before

  • Choose to let go what no longer serves

It’s time to let the opinions, feedback and noise around you take a back seat to the bright truth that you know deep within you.

You deserve A Life You Love

This is about So much more than positive thinking.

It’s about trusting that Life is for you and that Everything is adding up.

It’s about getting intimately honest with yourself. And then having the courage to follow through…

It’s about Loving yourself right now exactly as you are. 

It’s about being yourself, raw real and beautiful.

It’s about showing up as the person you want to be.

Now’s a good time to choose a word for 2022

Choose the vibe you’re after… Our desires are super powerful.

Co-creation sometimes requires re-building. It can be a process. But it can also be instantaneous.

Abracadabra !

Let 2022 sparkle and delight you, Every step of the way 💖





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