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You’ve Got Mail

I’ve seen this film a million times and I could see it a million more.

You’ve Got Mail resonates with me on So many levels… Books, business, connection, Life, Love, NYC and more. Plus, it’s written by Nora Ephron, a Wellesley College alum like me !

Nora Ephron not only wrote the script, she also directed it. I was watching an interview where she was talking about growing up in a family of creatives… As a kid, every time she’d come home with some drama, her parents would just say “it’s all copy.” Meaning whatever she was experiencing would eventually become material for her creations.

As artists, our life experience is all copy. We’re gathering material for our books, our paintings, our poetry, our songs and all our creations.

Flowing with Life

Life is essentially for us. Everything is happening for our good and in our favour. The more material we’re given, the richer our creations.

When we share our stories, we help others make sense of theirs. And we connect deeper.

When the creative self-expresses pain similar to yours, you remember that you’re not alone. And if others can overcome chaos and dysfunction, you’re empowered with the knowledge that you can too !

You've Got Mail

Life is essentially a string of Life lessons. When we choose to see things differently, we claim back our power. Every shift from fear to Love, returns us home. And it all adds up. Like a jar that we’re filling with good vibes.

At one point, the jar overflows. And we reap the rewards of a disciplined mind and neurons that are now aligned with a rosier outlook.

As creatives, tapping into our “copy” or the material we’ve gathered is essential. Not only is it important for our own healing, it’s also energetically necessary for moving the stuck energy in our system.

Energy creates. Our energy can influence the room. And the world. Energy is Everything

Sixth sense

We have 5 senses that feel concrete to us. We can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. But we also have a Sixth sense or as I like to call it, our in-tuitionThis is the part of us that is connected to infinite possibilities

In NeuroScience, research confirms how little of our brain’s capacity we’re actually using. That’s because very few people are currently tapping into their energetic resources.

All the greats knew about this. Albert Einstein described it as “the most important thing.” Steve Jobs said it “somehow already knows.” John Lennon’s “songs just came” to him. Michelangelo saw “the angel in the marble and carved around it.”

Your creativity can save you

You’ve Got Mail ! Your creativity will save you.

We’re all given gifts by Life itself. Either we choose to claim them and blossom or the energy stagnates and causes blockages.

We have an inner programming to Self-actualise. This is the longing you have deep within you. The part of you that knows what your dream Life looks like and feels like. When we start to piece it together, Life force supports us. The momentum gathers. Doors start opening. Choirs of angels show up and the steps are lit, one by one.

Being on purpose is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world

The last couple of years have been filled with “copy” for many of us. We’ve witnessed problems and perhaps discovered ways to solve them. That’s where our creativity meets the needs of the world.

Dr Maria Montessori discovered intrinsic interests. These are our natural curiosities and are with us for Life

No matter how old you are, it’s the conversations you love and what you’re google searching in your free time

Somewhere, that matches what people thank you for… and what takes you into a feeling of deep concentration.

In early childhood, it’s called “normalisation.” This is our natural state of flow:

When we flow with Life, we are in the right place at the right time. We know what to say, create and do.

We are aligned and feeling good… Our Presence becomes a gift 💝





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