What if you completely trust yourself ?

What if you totally believed that Life was on your side and that Everything is happening for your Highest good ??

> And even that thing that looks like it’s not going your way is actually adding up in your favour and for your good

>> And all the contrast along the way was just to expand your desires

>>> As you clarify more and more… The choice then becomes to learn and grow through joy

Most people pay attention when it gets too painful.

What if we re-interpreted the pain as useful information in clearing another layer of the fearful ego…

What if ?

Joy is your purpose

I’ve always known that I was called and that I had things to share and purpose work to create.

As a kid, I’d sit my dolls in a circle and teach them all that I was learning… be it in Kindergarten or if my grandmother showed me a tea that helps with tummy aches

Whatever I learnt, my natural instinct was to share it

Whenever I was MIA, I could be found in the smallest room in the house with my dolls.

It was always a cozy ambiance around me…

But my upbringing was definitely more skewed on the logical.

My early life, education and then a career in finance all supported that way of doing things

For a moment, I’d basically forgotten my true power… what we all come into the world knowing

Children feel connected to the whole. They feel powerful.

Children trust that their questions will be answered

Children know that they will be guided

Children expect Life to be on their side

We come into the world believing in ease and grace and miracles !

As Dr Maria Montessori said, “Children come fresh from God” so they know Who they are

Kids are the definition of charisma… with unbeatable persuasion powers. They are charming and fun and bubbling with great energy.

That’s essentially Who we all are… once we strip away the nonsense we’ve picked up along the way.

Unconscious people can be quite damaging. Their opinions can hurt and f*ck up our confidence, disconnecting us from the truth.

It’s so easy to crush a child’s will and affect their God-given gifts.

When we become wobbly, we stop trusting ourselves and we lose touch with our guidance system.

The first video I made for my YouTube channel was about Energy and Intuition and how they are actually the same thing !

When you are clear on your desires, you can trust yourself. You’ve got it ! Life’s on it…
The entire universe is conspiring on your behalf

Your questions will be answered… Your energy will lead the way. It’s really your in-tuition and a natural innate drive for human development, expansion and self-actualisation.

Who You Are is embedded in your system and the desires in your heart are your guidance
The entire journey is about remembering Who You Are
  • That kid whose presence lights up the room
  • That kid who knows what feels good and what doesn’t
  • That kid who is not at all shy asking for what they want
  • That kid who desires and believes in wishes coming true 🌟

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money

I’m in the business of Miracles…

To learn more about Creating on purpose, the Welcome to a New Relationship with Money online program is packed with ways to Remember Who You Are ❤️




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