No, you didn’t do Anything wrong !

Everything is unfolding beautifully… There’s nothing you can do to mess it up. There are no mistakes in God’s world

Over the years, as I was unlocking unhelpful ideas and trying to understand the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, I uncovered this major gem.

I have since studied it in detail and experimented with it to determine the common denominator for this one.

It’s Amazing how widespread it is…

Anyone in the good girl, good person bracket can have fragments of this notion haunting them at some point in one way or another.

I can trace it back to a childhood with unconscious parenting. When we cater for an adult’s emotions, we begin the journey of thinking we did something to cause the upset.

Unconscious people tend to be super self-involved and entirely amiss on the empathy equation.

Children are completely dependent on the adults in their world. They need them for survival. So upsetting them in any way cuts deep into fear because the connection is elemental.

Children who have been parented in this way tend to become extra mature for their age taking on the responsibility of becoming the caregiver in the household.

These are the future carers in the world: the teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists, coaches… the humanitarians in general

How this belief plays up in our world

It can begin at a young age… I call it the performance stage

It’s when we look for others’ approval. It may not even be conscious.

It starts when we realise that something we do or don’t do makes the adults in our world happy(er).

It then filters into friendships, work relationships and onto our romantic life.

Some people spend their entire life like that only to realise this on their last breath. There’s an entire work on the biggest regret of the dying.

It’s fine to want to please others as long as it’s not at the cost of pleasing ourselves.

It feels good to give of our Love and our kindness. But if we’re doing things that we don’t want to do, resentment can build. Accumulated in the body, this is when the cells begin battling it out. Stress builds and we create havoc in our systems.

Some people choose the illness road as a way to retrieve their power and do more of what pleases them. But we’re stronger than that.

We are powerful eternal beings who get to respect our spirit and heart’s desires Now.

We don’t need to wait for a crisis to hit in order to pursue the stirrings of our soul

you didn't do Anything wrong

Life rewards

In my experience, Life fully rewards us taking care of ourselves and being true to our heart.

In fact, anything less than that tends to get caught out and our Life jams one way or another.

I remember a doctor once saying that the heart will always win. Even if it has to incapacitate you in the process to get your attention. I wouldn’t wait for that.

It’s time to be true to You

Self Worth begins with self care

When you take care of you, Life takes care of you too

First class all the way… treating yourself beautifully sends out a message to the universe that this is what you deserve. And Life reciprocates by adding more into your world that matches that vibe.

When we abandon ourselves – perhaps because those we love also abandoned us and this is all we know – it all just gets harder and harder.

Life will keep teaching that lesson until you Remember Who You Are and how worthy You are of Love and kindness.

It all begins with You. You giving yourself the Love and attention you deserve heralds So much more 

No, you didn’t do Anything wrong

Choose and pursue what lights up your heart. Joy is your purpose and the entire journey is one of expansion. Allow yourself to desire unapologetically. Be bold. Be brave. Ask for you want

Your desires are placed in you by Life itself… they are Your guidance. That vision you have for your greatest Life is yours for the taking. It’s time to claim it 🌟

Guilt and fear are the 2 surest ways to block the energy and flow. So Choose Love 

I’ve seen it again and again with coaching clients. The second they invest in themselves, Life begins delivering. It’s wild how that works !

The important thing is to just remember that You are worthy now. There’s nothing you need to do or accomplish first that will make you more worthy.

It all begins right now. And that invites more (So much more!) coming your way by virtue of the Mirror of Life ❤️


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