I believe in miracles

I write about them. I speak about them.

I am in the business of miracles 🌟

This week, I found myself needing one and I had to go back to the drawing board

I read through a list I’d made of the many miracles I’ve co-created over the years

It’s a long list… Many pages

I was trying to figure out the pattern, the common denominator, essentially the how

This time, I felt tired… Stretched

I still haven’t completely settled into my new home. I haven’t been sleeping enough or taking care of myself the way I need to

And i know why that is. Human me thinks it’s in charge of the miracles

I’d basically forgotten that the How is not my responsibility

I went into action overdrive, forgetting the most basic lesson A Course in Miracles teaches: “I need do nothing”

The pattern in Every single miracle that has come into my world has been a calm mind and no efforting whatsoever

They were All Easy. Just one idea. One call. That kinda thing

They felt Easy. Guided. Just one inspired step and there it was. Delivered with Love

Anytime I’ve gone into hustle mode, I’ve turned round and round in circles. The desire always felt at arm’s length…

So here’s the recipe:
  • Just be yourself
  • Do what feels good
  • Notice what feels good
  • Appreciate all the good
  • Be fully open to solutions
  • Expect miracles
  • Let it be Easy
The step. The call. The action you may need to take will be revealed in perfect timing. Intuition whispers in the silence between thoughts

The goal is calm. So close your eyes and breathe

Just breathe…

Find relief. Find a thought that takes you there…

Repeat the affirmation you’d like translated into reality

The vibe is:
I am entitled to miracles

Knowing that Life is for you and that the dots are connecting on your behalf, you can let the universe do for you what you cannot do for yourself… No efforting necessary

Ego, your fearful mind, might not know how to do it but the spirit part of you is connected to a Higher power that knows and Can ✔️


Let Life lead the way

Allow the solutions to be revealed

In perfect timing

And in a perfect way

There is a genius orchestration at play Always and forever 💖

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