• Life on Purpose

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that we come into the world with intrinsic interests. Between the ages of three and six, these interests are clearly noticeable to onlooking adults.

No matter what direction our life takes, these interests remain in our system as ongoing curiosities and conversations we enjoy. 

Essentially, when we’re on topic, we’ll light up and remember our spark!

If we decide to pursue those curiosities and turn them into our lifestyle, we’ll reach a moment when the next step is to elevate the activity from a hobby to a professional endeavor. 

I call this our zone of genius, the place from which work doesn’t feel like work… Let me clarify though, we work A LOT ! But the process is hugely enjoyable and actually adds energy, as opposed to the typical work environment that can drain instead.

We feel on purpose and our vision is re-ignited. That vision of our perfect life that starts flashing in our teenage years… You know the one: the one that feels too good to be true 🌟

Life on purpose

“Since we were children, we’ve been imagining bits and pieces of our life. We have a vision of what our dream life looks like. This vision has been in the making our entire life. Some would argue even before conception – A soul plan. This vision keeps popping up as our perfect life. We have flashes and déjà-vus and certain sentences or conversations that most resonate with our deepest being. 

Sometimes, we quieten it down by thinking it’s too good to be true. But that vision perseveres and continues to come up intermittently. It takes us with it for a moment every time… Like this long distant dream. If we’re lucky, very lucky, at one point in our life, we resurrect it. And begin to construct it, one piece at a time.

This vision is our soul’s plan for us because when we are focusing on it, thinking about it, dreaming it up, we are so alive and happy. We can feel our inner flame vibrant and powerful.

The vision is very unique to each one of us, it is tailor-made for us. It incorporates all that we love, what we are naturally good at, and the elements of our life that mesh together to come up with the whole. We wouldn’t be able to imagine it, if it wasn’t ours.

from Tap into Miracles 

  • Brand Ethos

Turning Pro means understanding our ideal customer and knowing with certainty the value we can add and the level of service we provide. 

Before all this can happen, we have to know ourselves and know what our personal brand stands for. Essentially the big Why.

A brand is a promise of a company’s integrity and its character.

And I Love that this applies equally to who we are in the world. So even if you’re not at the entrepreneurial point, establishing your personal brand is a great way to evoke the ancient Greeks’ “Know Thyself.” (This is how my book starts!)


  • Showing Up!

Success is mainly a combination of three ingredients:

  1. Clarity 

  2. Confidence 

  3. Consistency

Like the vision for our life being crystal clear, so must our business plans! Our structure will naturally grow and evolve but the core vision will be the guiding light.

Confidence is our mindset and what we need to take the bold steps to reach our goals. We’re adding our piece. Lots of people get stuck at this stage, hesitating instead of taking inspired action. The truth is that engagement leads to progress in a much more effective way than our thoughts ever could…

Consistency is the respect we give to our work, our clients and our followers in being there for them. The more we create, the more inspiration can flow through us. And the ripple effect can then grow, one person at a time.

Living Life on Purpose requires a lot of courage… But it also comes with huge rewards. In all aspects of my work (coaching, events, programs, writing and videos that I create), I keep my mission in mind… And the fascinating thing is that all the feedback I receive continually reflects a combination of the exact words that drive my vision: So “Empowering, Inspiring, Uplifting” !

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Onwards and Upwards 💕






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