Habits of Mind: Our habits of thought and feelings make us magnetic to a world that matches.

That old familiar feeling of fear or overwhelm or sadness or worry can get embedded in our bodies causing havoc to our creations.

The brain’s default setting is fear. Left unchecked, it will continually search the environment for what matches – on the lookout for potential threats.This is its primitive core from way back when tigers were jumping out of trees and we lived in a state of alert.

Mindfulness has become a buzz word for a very good reason. Since those early days, we have developed a more evolved part of our brain. The Neocortex allows us to consider more complex issues, come up with creative solutions and also to feel empathy with others.

The primitive brain resides in a selfish state of Me Me Me. So when we choose to consciously change our focus, we train our mind to go to a more peaceful and happier place.

The easiest way to get out of fear is to help someone else. Offer what you need ! Be it support, Love, finances… Give what you most desire. And do it with all your heart knowing full well that what we give returns multiplied 💖

Give freely and remove all attachment that it will be returned from the same place. Life’s got that one… It’s Always connecting the dots and doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

Anything that offers you relief from the lower vibrations is a stepping stone in the right direction. Our continual prayer to shift into better vibes is where it’s at and we can do this all day long. Every day.

It’s a mind training. In the same way, we exercise our bodies to stay fit and healthy, the brain needs its own daily workout.

What we focus on expands and the familiar feelings instruct our brain’s mission. Its business is to prove us right and it will just bring us more that matches. And it keeps bringing it closer and closer to home.

Habits of Mind

So if you’re looking for perfect health, remove the attention from studying your dis-ease. Our words are extensions of our thoughts and create emotion in our body. So feel it and talk about it if you need to but give it an expiry date. The problem and the solution are on two different energy levels.

Same thing for finances. At one point, decide to shift the focus from lack to Wealth and start filling your mind with successful turn-arounds.

Relationships, Creativity, Fun… All of it. Focus on what empowers you and fill your mind with inspiring stories.

Choose music that uplifts. It’s So easy to linger in the melancholic

Feelings are habits and our habits Create our world

Choose and DECIDE Who You Want To BE

How would You like to show up for this thing called Life ?

Our joy uplifts the world. And the good news is it’s as easy as just being aware of our vibes and choosing to shift them moment by moment…

a simple prayer of I choose Love instead will do the trick 🌟

Finding relief is enough for Life to begin orchestrating the good. Whether it’s a nature walk or a bubble bath or a nap, be kind to you

Creativity does it too: Cooking, Gardening, Photography, Writing… However you like to express yourself !

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