The path is lit one step at a time

The other day, I came across a post to the tune of: Your first video/podcast/painting etc will be bad but to get to 100, you have to start with one !

I have a different take on this…

The first step towards what lights us up is actually the beginning of the journey 🌟

The path can only reveal itself along the way. Too many creatives get stuck wanting to have it all figured out from the onset

The thing is, One step leads to the next

In-tuition is Always whispering ideas. but unless we trust ourselves enough to let it unravel moment by moment, we’ll get into overwhelm and feel like the whole thing is just too much

All of us have a vision for our greatest Life. It can be a simple plan to live in the woods and write poetry and it can be a Huge plan that involves saving humanity at large

The point is that our thing contributes to the world one way or another. Be it a delicious dish, a beautiful photo, a cool playlist, a magical garden, a happy child and more !

The vision is unique to our passions, interests, curiosities, talents and what we most care about (e.g. the environment, the hungry, the homeless, refugees, the elderly, kids, animals etc)

It’s our piece in the giant puzzle of Life and until we’re on it and can tap into the genius orchestration, we’ll feel like something’s missing…

Call it the pleasure trap where we try to fill the void with whatever offers short term thrills: sugar, alcohol, shopping, pointless relationships or whatever

The answer is Always a return to Love. Releasing the outcome, letting creativity be for the sheer satisfaction of feeling connected to Life itself

In that flow state, we are peaceful joyful beings sharing our Light with the world

On purpose ❤️


Money’s purpose is to support You

Releasing the How is sometimes a bit of a challenge. But one step at a time, you can train your mindset to also be on board…

Sharing natural gifts and allowing the process to feel good too ! Life’s orchestration is genius when you’re aligned to in-tuition and Trust Yourself

Welcome to a new relationship with Money program is a great start:

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money



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