Easter may be my favourite holiday for all that it represents: Love, Miracles and New Beginnings

It shows us that Love can’t be buried… It will RISE and RISE again

Our ego may get tired and feel like quitting but the dream comes from our spirit which is strong and eternal

Inspired = In-spirit 

Sometimes, we need to de-construct to re-build properly and this is the journey

We resist change because human us thinks it’s safer in the status quo, even if that doesn’t feel good

But the heart Always wins even if it has to incapacitate us for a moment en route. Pain is as Khalil Gibran wrote, just the shell being released…

All the good is inside and can never be touched or harmed

When we Remember Who we are, we claim our power to Co-Create it the way we’d really like it ❤️

Finding your purposeThis is my soul’s work. I would’t be able to Not do it 

Even if you tied my hands behind my back, I would still find a way to share all this 🌟

In the morning, i start my day Creative visualizing ! I journal and ask for guidance on how to do the things i have in mind

and it all just flows through me

Once I’ve plugged in and asked for guidance, the day is rock and roll from there

One right next step after another and there we have it. Another great day. A bunch of thank yous and I know it was a job well done ✔️

On the soul level, I’m totally on purpose

A Course in Miracles explains that Everyone is called but not everyone answers

I chose to answer the call 

If the idea of inspired days and being rewarded creatively and financially for being You sounds appealing, Purpose Lit is Open… 

This program holds a special place in my heart

It will soon become an online course but for now, you get me Live for 12 Weeks One on Ones !

To explore the possibilities: https://rania.world/contact



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