Do you know how to receive ?

We all know about giving (or do we?!). Giving feels good and giving others is really giving to ourselves. Whatever we give, we receive. It’s pretty immediate. Give love and you receive love. Offer support and you feel supported. Be patient and life is patient with you. Help others and you are helped. That’s how it goes. We are One after all. So whatever we give, comes straight back to us. It’s the Golden Rule. And probably the most important thing we can teach our children.

But this article is about receiving. Do you know how to receive ? Compliments, surprises, ideas… There is a way to receive with grace. It’s in the acceptance of the gift. Wholeheartedly. Genuinely. Truly. For those who receive with grace, more keeps coming. And when we miss it, we miss it. The message, the gift, whatever it is. We miss it!

I have been offered books at just the right time. And sometimes, it took me ten years to remember to read what angels were trying to deliver to me. I have been offered ideas and leads, which for some reason, I didn’t act on. It happens. We grow and we learn. And eventually, we open our hearts and our minds to receive with grace every blessing coming our way.

That’s how life works. When we appreciate what’s on offer, the offers appreciate. We keep receiving more and more.

When we resist the receiving, we deflate the moment too. When we receive with grace. Whatever it is. A compliment, a smile, an open door… We feel good too. It feels like an exchange of energy ❤

And my offer to you today is this!





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