If you think you’ll be happy when you have this or that, let me re-frame it for you…

If the journey doesn’t feel good, neither will the destination. 

Let’s look at it up close and personal… If you’ve come from a school of thought that believes in struggle to “make things happen,” you may succeed – at first. But, whatever you gain under those conditions, will come at a Big cost to your health, your wellbeing and/or your relationships. 

There is another way. It usually shows up when we’ve exhausted all the possibilities known to our logical mind. At that point, something deep within us utters a silent prayer to Life… Something along the lines of “there must be another way?”

Welcome to my world, let me introduce you to your spirit 🙂

The word inspired means in-spirit. Work that is inspired is also very inspiring. As a result of this energy, people are drawn and want a piece of it. So as you do what inspires you, you inspire others who choose to stay close and buy what you have to offer. It’s their way of tapping into that energy. Think of beautiful art or music or fashion or Apple products (especially when Steve Jobs was around) or Richard Branson’s creations. 

Is it making sense yet?? 

The energy of inspiration is magnetic.

So here’s the trick: Quieten your mind. Go for walks in mother nature, paint, dance, write, sit in meditation. Do whatever is needed to find the silence within you. Intuition whispers in the silence between thoughts. And it is those revelations that are inspired. They will feel good to you. More like a pull than a push… So when you then take action from that space, your energy will be on board too! You will feel excited and lit up. This is the power of inspiration. And with it, comes graceful perseverance and anything else you might also need, to bring the whole thing to fruition.

Let yourself be drawn by Love

Enjoy and please share your Success stories as you alter the course from motivation (mostly driven by lack and fear) to inspiration, sparkling with Love and energy ❤

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