Defining Success

You are here to live your most magnificent life – no two ways about it. You have a spark of the divine within you and your every dream is equipped with your own internal mechanics to help you bring it to Life.

Only thing is you have to know what your greatest life looks like and feels like and why you want it… And even more important, you have to know who you want to become in the process of achieving this wild success.

As a lot of you know, I’m originally Lebanese and hugely proud of my beautiful little country and its magical mountains and star-lit skies. I’m also very proud of all the success stories that have emerged from there.

I recently watched a video chronicling some of these mega successes. Here it is if you’re curious:

What touched me most in this video was Carmen Chahine Debanne’s definition of success: “Becoming the best version of yourself.” I so completely agree with that… because at the end of the day, I’m most impressed by who people are, especially when you scratch the surface. Moments of change and challenge tend to bring out our true colours. And “success” without a solid foundation can be a rather scary concept.

“You want to set a goal that is big enough 

that in the process of achieving it, 

you actually become someone worth becoming.”

~ Jim Rohn

Let’s look at the traits, the DNA if you will, of a truly successful human. As they say, “Success leaves clues.”


  • PASSION is Energy

Passion is the starting point. It’s also what carries you through the hard times. The purpose has to be bigger than you to ignite the perseverance necessary to carry your ideas to full fruition.

When you’ve exhausted all the possibilities and feel depleted, it’s the passion and the purpose that will pull you up again and gently whisper in your heart: Let’s try one more time!

And sometimes, it’s that one extra try that opens the success window. So in order to get started, make sure you’re super clear on the why and let that be way bigger than you.

In achieving a dream, the journey to becoming our best self is the underlying fuel. So become that person, especially in the midst of what can feel like struggle. Life is essentially for us and obstacles and delays are really asking us to do better. So claim the best in you and RISE !


  • PROGRESS is the Journey

Life without growth and progress is meaningless. So is any relationship, friendship, business… Everything really. If it’s not moving forward, the energy or Chi is stagnating and that’s not healthy. We are created for progress. Our brain thrives on learning new ideas. We are here to evolve and become our most self-actualised self.

So what are you curious about? Order the books, buy the audios, sign up for the programs, attend the seminars. Go for it! This is how to ignite the energy and spark within you again. We are so lucky to live in the world now when Google exists and YouTube and blogs and podcasts. So much information is available to us these days. Anytime someone tells me they’re bored, my reaction is “Really?” How can anyone be bored when there is so much to discover…

Leadership and Learning

  • HABITS make or break you

What do you need to release in order to move forward? Sometimes, we just have to let go a previous version of us. Or the expectations that others have for us. The truer we are to our heart’s desires, the more support Life offers us. It may feel like coincidence or serendipity but that’s how flow happens. The truer we are and the more courageous we are, the more rewarded we will be… Because it is this journey that helps us remember who we are and in the process, inspire others to also live fearlessly.

What one habit could you change right now that could lead you closer to your desires and who you are here to be. That habit that’s clearly holding you back… You know the one. Change it!

Birds of a feather flock together

Often the people we hang out with can unconsciously rub off on us. We pick up their ways and views. Make sure that you are surrounded with people who are also striving to live their best life. Those who believe in dreams and possibilities. Those who believe in You!

I believe in You so come on over to Rania.World whenever you like and I will remind you again and again how brilliant you are and how you deserve your most amazing Life. Never ever settle for less than that. Keep your standards high, don’t tolerate anything less than the absolute best for you. First class all the way!


  • MINDSET is the Key

The 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle perfectly explains the importance of mindset in the success equation. 80% of success comes from the psychology or mindset, essentially the beliefs structure and our attitude. A mere 20% reflects the skills. 

When the mindset is strong and the beliefs support your goals, the 20% action you will take will have big impact. It’s basically the way to work smarter, not harder. Once the brain is aligned, ideas will pop out that encourage motion in the right direction as opposed to that hamster wheel feeling of going up a down escalator.

I totally experienced this in my finance days. My boss would say I wore “rose tinted glasses” but the truth of the matter was that I shared amazing ideas with my clients and we bucked the trends in sometimes quite morose markets. I think my Phoenician trader blood kicked in and I would see opportunities ahead of the curve! I forever felt like at any time someone was going to catch me out… But I succeeded and so did the clients and the bank.


  • ENTREPRENEUR of your Life

We are the entrepreneurs of our life. And the way we manage ourselves and how true we remain to our natural talents and passions, the more we will draw to us the ingredients to create true success. 

Entrepreneurial qualities like being determined, creative, open minded, solution-driven and a self-starter benefit us in every area of our life. And in fact, these qualities also make up the best team members across the board.

Research confirms that 96% of companies fail within 10 years. So what differentiates the 4% who succeed ? If the only goal is money or fame, then count yourself in the percentage that’s dropping out. If, on the other hand, your drive is to serve and help and you’re falling in love with finding the best solutions for your clients, you will thrive and have the resilience to find a million other ways… Think Thomas Edison with his 1000 attempts at inventing the light bulb!

Do what you Love

What does Success mean to You ?

It always fascinates me how many super intelligent people are striving for success without ever stopping for a minute to actually define it for themselves. I was one of them once. Don’t be one of them too. Start now. Clarify the vision… Embody it. Believe it. Get excited about it and let’s bring it to Life. And I have just the programme to help you do exactly that! At your leisure and in the privacy of your home 🌟

Are you ready?






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