Feeling triggered ? Let me share what happened to me the other day…

I was triggered in the most raw and complete way. The Huge evolution is that I was able to see it for what it was.

Human me had forgotten to eat. Sometimes, on this journey of inspiration and feeling like we’re doing our purpose work… feeling so connected, we can find the rest of the stuff rather trivial and like it’s taking away from our mission.

My favourite coach said her best friend would often tell her “just eat a burger” as a way to get grounded again.

I do this work because I needed it in such a Big way. And it turns out, I still do. There are layers and layers and layers to our human experience.

Life can feel scary sometimes

The thing is any idea that doesn’t feel good is actually a lie. That sounds easy to say but is a whole different ballgame when something cuts deep into an old wound.

We can numb out in front of Netflix or booze our way through it but that’s just a bandaid solution that only works short term. Very short term. Sooner or later, we have to get down to the real work.

When we bring our wounds to the Light, we can look at them, examine their truth and re-frame them.

We are also led step by step to what would help us get there…

In the midst of starting to feel royally upside down, I said a little prayer: God, Angels, Universe, Thank You for showing me a new perspective

And instantly, my phone rang with someone whose name actually includes the word Angel. The first thing she asked me was: “have you eaten today?”

So simple

When we look after ourselves: sleeping right, eating nutritiously, filling our world with good energy, we can handle what comes at us with grace. And RISE the f*ck up !

Illnesses that were deemed incurable have been healed

Relationships that felt out of control have been brought back to sparkly Life

People have prospered in the deepest recessions

and miracles abound in a million different ways

The common thread is a practice that was put in place to re-calibrate the system from the inside out

A few ideas for re-calibrating when feeling triggered:
  • Ask to see things through the lens of Love
  • Nature walks (I have a particular affinity to River walks)
  • Meditation in any form as a way to quieten the mind. I include a beautiful one in the Free goodies here
  • Music (there’s nothing that a bit of dancing won’t solve)
  • Laughter (anything or anyone that helps you find your sense of humour again)

Whatever triggers us, be it relationships stuff or work stuff or health stuff or money stuff, the error always begins in the mind.

That’s the good news, we have total control over changing the story and watching how Life re-organises the world around us.

This isn’t for the faint-hearted. And this certainly isn’t an overnight solution.

It’s a Lifetime of reflection and re-routing the stories so we can become an energetic match to receive our truest desires ❤️





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