Cutting Energetic Cords

Sometimes, without being aware of it, we form attachments with others that affect our energy.

These might be current relationships like with our partner, family and colleagues. There might also be lingering energetic connections with an ex, friends with whom we’re no longer in touch or an old version of ourself that we want to release.

If we’re a public figure, people might also be attaching energetic cords to us. Actors, models, singers and others can fall prey to this without even realising it.

All these energetic cords suck at our energy and drain us daily. So I Love this exercise because it clears all those attachments and restores the energy immediately:

I like to include cord cutting in my morning meditation. I see it as a heavy black cord binding me from my centre to the attachments and I invite a being of Light to slice through them one by one. The cord drops to the earth, where it can be transmuted and recycled.

Clear your energy by letting all those with whom you need to cut cords pop into your psyche. And then let the sword go all around the centre of your body, cutting off the rest of the black cords pulling at your energetically.

If the idea of Angels appeals, you can invite an Archangel to show up with a golden sword and release your energy to be free again.

Clear Your Energy

Reclaiming your energy in this way on a regular basis is super powerful. Our energy is Everything. Energy creates. And it can be blocked with negativity of any kind – judgment, blame, criticism, comparison, all of it.

Once we’ve gotten rid of these black cords, what’s left is the light connection between us. You’ll feel the twinkling lights now replacing the cords that have dropped off and with that, your body now fills up with energy again.

Note: Sometimes, the heaviness comes from others but it can also be from us. Needy, co-dependent relationships are natural when they meet childhood wounds that still need healing. That’s why it’s so important to bring up old wounds to the light so we can heal them. My Success on Your Terms online program can help ❤️





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