Obsessive is good

We like obsessive. This is the energy that moves mountains.

It’s essentially saying YES to something your soul recognised as part of you

This is what allows you to believe through thick and thin…

Going for it is a total and unwavering belief that your heart knows what’s yours is yours and no-one and no-thing can interfere with that !

It’s not results or outcome oriented, it’s more at the truth level.

Truth feels good

When I say “go for it”, it doesn’t even necessarily mean action

You just feel yourself connected like an invisible thread exists with your desire

It’s trusting and taking the intuitive steps, no matter how difficult they feel

Every little bit is moving you closer…

It’s surrendering in the most powerful sense of the word… as in, the only way you’re not getting it is if God has an even better idea !

It’s allowing the void and not rushing into second best or something you have to convince yourself about

No maybes, shoulds or perhaps

All in good time

Trust Life

Trust the genius orchestration

and especially, Trust yourself ❤️

Private coaching with Rania Lababidy

In the end, the whole journey is between you and You !

The people who have most inspired me were obsessed with their missions, the businesses they create and the Life they choose.

They take decisions that sometimes feel scary. They live from their heart. They trust their instincts. Essentially, they trust themselves.

My theory is that the whole Work/Life Balance thing became trendy for people who didn’t really like their jobs and wanted a legit excuse for having more time to spend on the things they actually enjoyed.

But like Steve Jobs, I believe the only way to do great work is to genuinely Love what we do !

Love creates miracles

When you feel connected to the energy that moves mountains, you’re living on purpose

No matter the challenges, there’s no internal battle going on. That’s integrity.

What we focus on expands and the next step is Always revealed

Ready to align with your soul to Create A Life You Love ?

You can enjoy it at your leisure. Easy listening whilst driving, exercising or doing chores.

Filling your mind with inspiration in times like these is So important !

You Create your own rules for how Life and business work for You

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