Our thoughts become our words. The words lead to our behaviour, and that essentially determines our life.

We are responsible for that sequence. If we hold certain beliefs that feel limiting, we have the option of changing them. The mind is very powerful. It is up to us to feed it what would serve our big picture ideas. The thoughts we allow our mind to entertain are entirely our choice. Granted, it takes some work to observe the thoughts and notice the fearful ones. The easiest way to know if a thought is moving us in the right direction, is simply by the way we feel. Expansive thoughts make us feel good, powerful, free. Limiting thoughts cause us to clam up. We literally tighten up physically.

When we have a thought that feels fearful to our whole being and we expand on it with words, our entire body reacts. It takes on a life of its own. This is where breathing comes in. Both movement and meditation transform those thoughts. Movement empowers us physically, as it shifts the fear out of the body. Meditation allows us to open up to a new perspective. Being in the present always brings us back to our point of power. From here, ideas pop up. Essentially, our intuition begins to deliver the messages that will move us along in the right direction.

Affirmations for Success

This is a universe of infinite possibilities. When we open our consciousness to miracles, we receive them. Again, this happens at the belief level, which brings up the matching thoughts and leads to the words we speak. A simple statement like “I believe in miracles” is brimming with power.

The subconscious is the part of our mind that creates our experience. Albert Einstein observed that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Psychologists confirm that the subconscious doesn’t distinguish between imagination and reality. What we say is subconsciously recorded and acted upon. If you tell yourself that you are strong, you become strong. It is muscle memory, the more we practice saying powerful statements, the more our brain goes into action to deliver on those messages.

Think of the Oscar winners who recount how they practiced their speeches as teenagers in front of the mirror, as they brushed their teeth. the toothpaste becoming the award!

Just like when we are looking for something and we absolutely can’t find it. We move on and do something else, and at another moment, we remember where that item is. The subconscious continued working on it, even though we’d moved on to something else.

Even if we don’t believe the words at first, saying and repeating them is a very powerful exercise. Reminders of the messages posted everywhere, from the fridge to the mirror are good too. While brushing your teeth, you practice. Before leaving the house, you remember. It becomes a bit funny in the end, and some of the words grow into songs and dances. This is very powerful messaging for the subconscious. Even if our logical brain resists at first, eventually, we hit a tipping point and life begins to deliver on those affirmations for success.

This videos is about how words of affirmation can help you program your mind for success:


To learn more about:

  • Aligning with your desires
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Overriding patterns that no longer serve
  • Your mind’s genius to help you manifest your goals

and Create Success on your terms… this is for you !

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