Creative possibilities for solving problems

At the peak of my finance career, bonuses and Miu Mius, worry was a part of my life… When I started daring greatly and taking huge leaps of faith, I experienced it again, multiplied !

Worry is, therefore, a habit. And a nasty one at that.

When the brain latches on to a particularly scary thought, it can spiral us into what is called an amygdala hijacking. This can restrict the oxygen from reaching the more evolved part of our brain, seat of creative solutions. If this is a subject you’re interested in knowing more about and wanting to heal the pattern, then I definitely encourage you to get started with my Success on your terms programme.

Albert Einstein said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it… In today’s video, I explore how we raise consciousness and pull ourselves across the bridge from fear.

Changing Habits

To change habits, we need to replace an old habit with a new one. So if anxiety and focus on problems has been a habit, you have to gently navigate the attention to better feeling thoughts instead. Worry is just imagination used in the wrong way.

Becoming aware of when we’re spiralling into low level thoughts and choosing new possibilities at that moment is essential. An easy shift is to simply open up with I choose Love instead.

Solving problems


  • Breathe

Meditation is always a good idea. When we breathe, we allow oxygen to reach the brain and move us out of fight flight freeze mode so we can open up to new solutions. Simply sitting down with your eyes closed, breathing deeply for ten minutes a day will help – A LOT.

  • Uplift

Choosing powerful messages through books, audios, videos and presentations that feel soothing  to you is also a necessity in terms of changing habits of mind and thought.

  • Protect

The idea is be intentional about the information you allow into your brilliant brain. Protect your energy with your Life. Because Energy is Everything. Everything that we are manifesting is a direct result of energy.


My free goodies are all about raising the energy and I’m sharing a super soothing visualisation for shifting from fear into Love. Download it here if you like…






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