Right Now, Self Care Looks Like This…

In this video, I outline the three stages that self-care requires.

And I guide you to a goal settling platform for the next quarter.

Self Care and Your Words

Our habits are being interrupted. We’re all figuring this out step by step… It’s so important to be kind to ourselves at this time. 

Think of a little kid who’s learning how to walk. As he wobbles, you continue to encourage his efforts. This is a time to have that kind of self-talk going on internally. We’re all doing the best we can. 

As we become kinder to ourselves, we will connect with others with more compassion and patience.

(In the video, I also mention a Harvard Business Review article about the various feelings we may be experiencing now.)

I Need Do Nothing

My favourite lesson from A Course in Miracles teaches the I need do nothing concept. It was so novel to me when I first came across that idea… But over time, I have come to understand that when we relax and let the energy lead us to the next natural steps, we feel guided and supported at all times. 

Life’s ideas are always far more brilliant than our own ambitions. I’m always in awe of the cleverness of that orchestration.

Following the energy. Taking action through inspiration is so much more effective than our limited ideas for trying to make things happen. 

So chill and let Life show you its genius !

Meditation is the Answer

Take a deep breath in and release fully. Now close your eyes and do that a few times. Breathe in through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth. That’s what meditation is. Being in the stillness of breaths in… and out.

Showing up for this practice every day can be the difference between feeling lousy and feeling great.

Our brain needs oxygen to survive and thrive. The 2 ways for oxygen to reach the brain abundantly are exercise and meditation.

Exercise moves us forward physically and mentally. Meditation moves us forward emotionally.

There’s so much in life that we can’t control. And right now, Mother Nature is showing us who’s in charge. But as we go inwards, we can begin to master our reactions to Life.


your power is in your reaction


Self Care and Goal Setting 

As we begin the second Quarter of 2020, it’s a good time to refresh and clarify our goals for the year. 

Once we reconnect with our big picture vision, we can begin navigating our way through mini goals again… For the quarter, for April, for the week and then the daily action steps. One day at a time.

When these little steps are added up, day in day out, we’ll be so pleasantly surprised by our results.

When we’re out of this lockdown, we will find that we have created not only our goals, but also new habits that support our creative energy going forward. For that alone, this period may end up offering major silver linings.

Sending you all So much Love ❤️

PS. In the video, I discuss Yin and Yang Energy and more about how intuition whispers in the silence. To help you begin a meditation practice of your own, download my Free Guided visualization here ! 






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