Spring is in the air 🌟

Mother Earth comes to Life and so begins the season of Mothers Day celebrations around the world 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mums

and to all the other Mothers as well… the step moms and foster moms and pet moms and the beautiful ones who care for kids too !

Let’s also acknowledge all the other things Amazing women choose to birth in art, books, businesses and passion projects

How lucky we are to live in an era when women have choices…

and what a great moment to make money your friend and ally in supporting the desires of your heart 

You want the abundance for all the right reasons. You know that it can offer peace of mind and allow you to support those you Love

Being the full version of You requires a state of overflow so you can pursue what lights you up

Learning, mingling, reading, exploring, creating… It requires funding

Money is important. No two ways about it

We need it to survive. And we need it to thrive

So, let’s get to the basics of how money works… Not just money really. Everything !

Where there is fear, Life is having a go at us

Our job is to notice the fear and flip the story

This is not an overnight switch… It takes a moment and some clearing out of BS stuff we’ve picked up from an unconscious environment that made fear an essential part of our Life

Fear is an illusion. Only Love is real

But our brains have been trained to default to fear. It’s our ego thinking it’s in control. The good news is it’s not.

We get to choose and Decide and own our true desires

but the the timing and the How are up to Life itself to orchestrate

When we accept Life on its terms, we begin a dance and Co-creation 

Our gifts and talents and passions and what we most care about make up our piece in the puzzle of Life

Money’s purpose is to support us

So we can relax in the knowledge that Life is on our side Always and in All ways

No matter what it looks like, it’s all adding up in your favour and for your good

This is So much more than positive thinking

It’s a belief and Trust in Life and in Yourself

Money has been such a Big teacher for me 

I created an entire program on this subject, what I wish someone had explained to me !!!

And I’ve made it All So Easy to take in

It’s time to Co-Create Life (and Success) on your terms:

Welcome to a New Relationship with Money



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