I am in the business of Miracles 

I write about miracles. I speak about miracles. And I Believe in Miracles. Big time 

So if you’re wondering What is a Miracle ? This one’s for you:

What is a Miracle ?

Miracles are natural. When we get out of our own way, we welcome guidance of the Highest good to work through us.

We all have seeds of creation embedded in our systems. In the same way that an acorn is designed to become a glorious oak tree, we have the programming to become the most Self-actualised version of ourself

When we’re stuck in the ego stories of our fearful mind, we cut off the communication with our inner guidance and can miss inspired ideas that are continually being whispered…

The easiest way to get back into the flow of synchronicity and miracles is to notice when we’ve dipped and take a deep breath in… Then Choose again to welcome infinite possibilities 🌟

As soon as we step out of the me, me, me’ness of fear, we open up the gateways to call in Creative solutions that are Win-Win-Win for everyone

A Deep Breath of Life

When we’re off on our own trying to manage every detail of our Life, we can sometimes forget to breathe. With every deep breath we take in, we invite spirit into the co-creation of our Life

In-spirit = Inspired

Ideas are waiting to be birthed through us. We just have to open up our mind and heart to hear/feel/see the steps. And then, act on that guidance

You are the Light of the World. You are entitled to miracles

When your intention is to serve, Life will serve You too !

Staying connected to Source Energy, our Life can flow. It’s a genius orchestration… way beyond what we can even imagine

The Creative Process and Miracles

Every time we shift from a fear thought to a better feeling thought, we’re inviting miracles into our world. These shifts add up and your energy will be on the RISE

We are energetic beings and when we are aligned with our desires, things happen !

As you consciously Choose better vibes you are inviting the universe into the co-creation of your most Magnificent Life

Our Energy is Creative

Life can use physical you, with your own unique talents and passions to Create Miracles for You and through You 💖

More about the Creative process, its natural unfolding and feeling supported:

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