Social Media and Myers Briggs Types

Social Media and YOU !

Social Media and Myers Briggs types: we can learn a lot, connect with influencers, share our voice and grow our business quite substantially via the various platforms.

The key, like everything else in Life, is to be on purpose. Creating with intention and choosing how and where you’d like to spend your time.

A few years ago when I was getting started, I wrote a blog exploring Social media and Myers Briggs types. It was super well received but I was still figuring it all out myself. 

Today’s video elaborates on the subject and the different platforms: Who’s where in terms of Myers Briggs personality/temperament types and where is best for you to be and find your ideal collaborations…

This content will be super useful to you if you’d like to share your voice, grow your business or have teens who are being pulled in to that world unconsciously.

Quick summary of the four Myers-Briggs groups I have focused on here:

NF The Romeo and Juliettes of this world. People-oriented and intent on finding the best in others. Democratic leaders. Generous and deeply caring.

NT Thinkers and highly analytic. The engineer in them enjoys distilling an idea to its core and geniously piecing it back together using their intellect.

SJ Responsible builders of tradition. The word “should” often plays a part in their vocabulary. Driven by duty to their family, friends and the organisations they serve.

SP Natural negotiators. At ease with themselves and great at responding to crisis. More chilled out version of SJ. The P factor allows them to be more “laissez-faire.”

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