It’s pink lemonade season… And how about a Happiness cocktail you can concoct daily and be in Love ❤️

Worth a try ?

So much of Life comes down to our habits. The rituals we set in place have a Huge impact on the quality of our life. Our health and wellbeing, sleep cycle, creativity are all directly linked to our daily habits. Even money is currency, which is actually energy.

Great energy filters into every area of our Life. When we feel good, we become natural magnets for our desires… And we share that light with the world 🌟

Our energy creates our reality. And it’s all in the subtle shifts. We sometimes think we have to make radical change for things to happen. I thought so too… I moved across the world from London to NYC, uprooting myself from friends and family. I left a career in finance, sold my home and started again… Quite literally.

The truth is it didn’t need to be that dramatic. It turns out that the entire journey of Life is a step by step one.

This post is about optimizing our natural state of happiness. Whatever it is we think we want it’s because we think it will make us happy. So let’s short circuit that by finding our happiness right now.

Unless we’re happy now, nothing on the outside can fill that void for a sustainable time. There will always be more that we want. Hungry ghost will step in and we will be forever seeking outside validation for an inner state that only we can accomplish.

Let’s look at how our hormones affect our vibes and how to make a delicious Happiness cocktail:

Happiness cocktailYour Happiness Cocktail: Mix and Match !

It’s all about elevating our energy. High vibes bring us people and situations that feel good to us.
  • Dopamine

When we take care of ourselves, Life rewards us. We learn this one backwards. We think that the struggle is noble. But slowing down helps us speed up properly. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let Life whisper ideas to you. This is the formula for working smarter. Try it for yourself: look after you and protect your energy and watch as more of what you want flows to you… Proof is in the pudding !

  • Oxytocin

Children and animals are still in their pure Love state so hanging out with that energy reminds us that this is our nature as well. Love is your power. Love creates the miracles. We want to hang out in that energy as often as humanly possible.

  • Serotonin

Sunlight changes the entire vibe of a day. Grab your moments in the sunshine. Let the vitamin D in and feel that warmth filter into your every cell. Or just go inwards for the Light and take that sparkle with you wherever you go…

  • Endorphin

Happiness cocktail

Watch the comedies, breathe in the scents that speak to your soul and enjoy the best dark chocolate treats… Whatever lights you up. Daily !

When we take care of our side of the street, we can let others off the hook. If we’re really working on ourselves, we actually won’t have much time to worry about what others are doing wrong. As our Life begins to flow, we raise our environment with us ! That’s the great news. Either people match or they drop off, with grace. And others who feel really good to us can join us on this thing called Life ❤️






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