There is a moment in our life when we know, at the deepest level of us, that there must be another way. In whatever form our knees hit the ground over the frustration, be it a divorce, a health issue, financial woes and more… Our open mind and heart lead us to finding a new way of being.

Our willingness brings with it everything we need to begin again, with ease and grace. We choose again. When the fears pop up, we gently nudge ourselves back to Love.

“I choose Love instead” becomes the mantra and we repeat it as often as necessary throughout the day, the week and the months to follow. Until one day, we’ve re-programmed our mind to trust again and to believe in miracles.

Decluttering Your Mind

Getting unstuck begins with setting up healthy rituals and clearing your mind on a daily basis. Consider it a spiritual shower. You clean out the old beliefs and welcome creative solutions. As we clarify what we don’t want, we begin to energetically call in more of what we do want.

In this video, I share how to de-clutter your mind opening up space to solve problems + create with intention:

Moving Your Chi

To move is to feel. The Chinese express it as moving Chi or energy around the body. Getting unstuck requires us to feel whatever is up for us. Emotion is to create movement. Love, anger, fear are all meant to encourage us to move forward – either towards what we love or away from what makes us angry. Even fear is about proceeding with caution.

Exercise releases beta endorphins. The Vagus nerve which is essential for our parasympathetic nervous system to feel relaxed and good, is activated through breathing fully. This happens when we exercise and when we meditate. Exercise takes us forward physically and mentally, while meditation moves us forward emotionally and spiritually.

A walk in the park, a moment in the gym, dancing around at home… Fear and negativity can get locked into the body with what can develop into dis-ease. We want to keep the energy flowing freely within the body. This will allow fresh ideas to come through and will dislodge blocks that have been lurking in the system for too long. You will feel energised and clear as a result.

I’ve been enjoying Yoga with Adriene, which you can practice anytime anywhere… Try this: Lots of Love in, Lots of Love out 💕

The Love Hormone

Many years ago, I read John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I’ve recently come across his work again and felt inspired to share a bit about the dance between masculine and feminine energy. This is something I’ve always found super interesting. In Tap into Miracles, I address it from the Yin and Yang perspectives of being vs. doing. With everything going on these days, it can help make sense of how you’re feeling and offer some ideas for bringing out the best in yourself and others at this time.

Feminine (Yin) energy is intuitive and linked to feelings and Mother Nature. Masculine (Yang) energy comes from doing, self-reliance and succeeding. We all have both energies and we need both, at different times. Inspiration comes from our feminine and executing comes from the masculine. If you’re trying to come up with ideas from the masculine, you end up in a hamster wheel turning circles. And too much inspiration without action to get it our there is also not ideal.

The hormone that reduces a man’s stress is testosterone. When a man is too much on his feminine, his estrogen rises and this can make him feel quite off. He starts complaining and can become passive aggressive. This is a good time to allow him space to build up his independence and find his male energy again.

On the opposite side of that, when a woman is too much in her masculine, she feels overwhelmed. Five days ahead of the full moon, women can begin asking for support. This raises estrogen levels and brings her back home. It also boosts her Oxytocin, called the “cuddle hormone” by scientists, making a woman ultra radiant and super attractive.

Low oxytocin leads to anxiety, irritability and sugar cravings. 

Some ideas for boosting Oxytocin:

  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Giving or receiving a massage

Also, avocados, cashews, figs, pistachios and green tea !

Getting Unstuck: All in Good Time

There is gold in every situation. Our job is to find it. Trust in the perfection of Life’s orchestration and timing is a pre-requisite to getting unstuck properly. Trust that everything is happening for your Highest good. Make peace with the present. What we resist, persists. And the energy with which we move from one situation to the next, we take with us. So if you’re angry or resentful when you end a relationship or leave a job, you take that with you…

Feeling good raises our energy and makes us natural magnets for more of what we want. Getting unstuck becomes much easier when our energy is on the RISE. Ideas flow and we draw to us higher vibe people and situations.

New beginningsRumi wrote that “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” As you take on a more conscious way of living, creating and staying connected to your truth and the rhythm of life, you will find it in your heart to eventually appreciate everything and everyone in your world.

Tyrants and difficult situations make us go deeper. And we are here to go deep. That’s where the growth is. And that’s where the progress is. Think of the people who inspire you most – those you are reading about and learning from – they’ve been through a lot, right? And, it is in that overcoming and rising that they inspire us. Same with our life – The difficulties, the traumas, the heartaches, they’re the place where the light enters us. And in our healing, we take that light and share it with the world, be it our children, our teams, our friends and more 🌟





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