New Year, New Number

It’s 2015, a New Year and according to numerologist Glynis McCant, this year is: 2 + 1 + 5 = 8

Intuition Ambition Fast-paced. And 8 represents: Finances, Health, Honesty, Political

I have always been fascinated by numbers. I tend to publish and send things at times and on dates that resonate. 8 represents infinity and therefore abundance to me. I have learnt that 1111 is an angel number and I am very drawn to intuitive numbers like 2 and 22 and the numbers of wisdom 333 and so on.

I loved maths at school and still feel a huge smile on my face when I think of Monsieur Tagariste, my teacher at the French Lycée in London, who encouraged this curious child to examine the setbacks and find a better way. His belief in me lingers on until today. Teachers play such a big role in our life. So to all the teachers out there, only do this job if you really mean it, truly no point otherwise.

I still remember phone numbers from my early childhood days. And, I always remember birthdays… So clearly, somewhere in my system, numbers mean a lot.

Enter Pythagoras and the Science of Numbers. The belief is that “everything in the universe has vibration” explains Glynis McCant. I discovered Glynis through Colette Baron-Reid whose work I hugely respect. And I love her music too!

So I did the study on myself and found it to be so accurate that I must share…

My birthday is on January 24th so I am 1+2+4 = 7

Introspective, must continue studying the big questions and an ultimate observer! How true 🙂

I proceeded to do a set of numbers: Life Path, Attitude, Relationship, Year ahead and all are super super super precise.

For more on this fascinating subject which can help with better understanding ourselves, our relationships, our address and much more, check out:

Wishing you a hugely fun, deeply loving and infinitely abundant 2015!





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