There is a feeling underneath the feeling… And this is the feeling that will help unlock the limiting belief causing all the pain. We can’t think our way through this, we have to allow ourselves to feel it, in all its colours.

Most of our pain is triggered by something we experienced way back when… In those early years, we unconsciously picked up other people’s fears and guilt. That got buried within our system somewhere.

So when something shakes us to the core now, it’s up to us to connect the dots. Otherwise, we will continue to re-create the same drama, over and over again.

Feeling the Feelings

Processing our emotions is what ultimately allows us to move forward with grace.

Our systems are naturally self-healing and self-correcting, so we will be driven to address it sooner or later. The question is essentially, do you want to do the work now or continue down the road for a few more knocks before you’re ready to take a closer look ?

One of my strengths was my ability to skip through pain and find the positive. I picked that habit from my Mum whose Life motto was Scarlet O’hara’s concluding line in Gone with with wind “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” She would say that to herself until the issue was well buried away. 

Wouldn’t you rather just deal with the whole thing now ? A sort of get it over and done with so you can clear that inner nagging that secretly haunts your days, and nights.

It’s like a lettuce that you need to open up to reach the heart… You go layer by layer until you know you’ve reached the core limiting belief.

There’s no shortcut to this… When we learn how to process our emotions, we won’t have to stay stuck in Life situations that trigger the same issues, over and over again.

Three fingers pointing back !

It’s so easy to just blame others for what’s troubling us. The ego thrives on finding fault – wherever it can point the finger: it’s his fault, her fault, the government’s fault, the it’s anyone’s fault but mine !

Projecting guilt, fear or inadequacy onto others won’t solve it though. It takes a lot of courage to go inwards and examine our part in the equation. It requires adult skills to take responsibility for our contribution to the situation. Not only does blaming cause damage but the words and energy behind it linger on, long past the incidents.

Healing our stuff is the name of the game.

It feels like a full circle moment. The first video I ever made for my YouTube channel was this:

The Feeling beneath the feeling

The Mirror of Life is all about taking ownership for what’s happening in our world, the good, the bad and the ugly. The people we love and respect are reflecting that part of us and those who irritate us are the disowned parts of us that we’re projecting onto them – whether it’s our feelings of guilt or shame or fear.

When we don’t process our own emotions by noticing the triggers and choosing to understand where in our life this comes from – 90% of our annoyances stem from unresolved wounds, usually picked up in childhood. When we do the work and get to the bottom of the actual issue, we heal the present so we can move forward with grace and ease.

Life will keep us stuck in situations that bring up all that needs healing within us. The sooner we get down to feeling the feelings, crying the tears and genuinely opening up to understanding the erroneous belief that lurks underneath all this pain, the sooner we can transcend problematic people and circumstances.

Your Key to Miracles

Feel your feelings first

Once you’ve allowed yourself to fully feel the feelings. And you’ve observed the through line that always leads back to that underlying limiting belief, you will now no longer buy into the stories.

So the next step is to Forgive everything and everyone positively everything (Yourself included). We’re all doing our best based on where we’re at. When we know better, we do better… The entire journey is about a return to Love. Eventually, we all make our way back home. Sometimes, we have to re-live the same story a few times, until it gets too painful and we’re ready to graduate from that lesson once and for all.

The good news is that we don’t have to know How to forgive. Just our willingness is enough for the universe to orchestrate what needs to happen for our heart to open up to Love again. Watch this space. Essentially, just get curious about the messages that are coming at you, be it in a book that appeals or a video or song you hear. You’ll recognize the Truth by the way it feels.

Trust Life. Trust the process. And trust yourself. It all begins with trusting ourself and knowing that all the answers are available to us… When we are genuinely willing to heal and evolve, Life will reveal to us every single thing that’s needed, in the most synchronistic ways. Expect miracles !

P.S. If you have little ones in your world, I highly recommend Todd Parr’s The Feelings Book. Apart from the fact that it’s a great introduction to this conversation, it’s also been the book that I’ve watched children master their early literacy with, over and over again ❤️





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