So you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation. You’ve heard about the miracles it can create financially, romantically, scientifically and in a million other ways.

You’ve read about how it can heal health issues that were deemed incurable. You’ve come across it being discussed by some of your favourite leaders. You’ve been aware of it for a while.

And you’re curious.

What is this thing called Meditation ?

It seems to deal with Everything… How does meditation work ?

Welcome ! You’re in the right place. It is my absolute honour to introduce you to the practice of Meditation.

Meditation  is the answer to anything. And Everything.

Meditation is your way of living in your power. It’s your connection to Life itself. It’s a way of accessing info that is beyond your logical mind.

It’s deep peace, creative solutions, living in flow, remembering Who You Are, receiving inspired ideas and connecting the dots.

This post has been on my mind for So long.

I talk about Meditation is So many videos. I mention it in my blog regularly. I include powerful audios in our online programs.

I’m all about Meditation because I’ve experienced its tremendous power in my Life.

It’s pulled me out of crazy situations. It’s offered me ideas that my logical mind would have totally resisted. It’s helped me manifest abundance, beautiful homes, dream clients and So much more. It’s helped me make sense of conversations and relationships that I couldn’t understand. It’s given me answers on health stuff and business. Over and over again.

Let’s start off busting some myths:

Meditation is not complicated

You don’t need trainings and retreats to learn how to meditate

You don’t need to sit in weird positions or go to strange places to do it

It’s as simple as Breathing. Just close your eyes and breathe…

Breathe deep. Breathe long. Breathe fully and completely. And Breathe again and again

A few helpful things:

Make sure you’re sitting or lying down comfortably and your spine is quite straight.

Choose a quiet time when your phone can be switched off and no one will interrupt you

Do it regularly. It’s a practice. Daily is ideal. 15 minutes is a great start !

How does meditation work ?

Meditation is like a receiving a hug from Life. It’s a moment in your day where you can connect to the voice of Love.

As opposed to an inner critic that’s having a go at you for what you said, did, could have said or done better… Here, you’re accessing a Loving universe telling you that you’re doing a great job, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that Life Loves You ❤️

Just breathe… In the midst of these long deep full breaths, thoughts will pop up. That’s fine. Long term, we want to observe our inner stories so we can change limiting beliefs and reprogram the mind towards our desires and infinite possibilities.

Here are some of the things that might happen at first:

You may fall asleep for a moment. Like a catnap. That’s absolutely fine. And it’s a good sign that your mind is relaxing

You may remember something you need to do that you had forgotten. These are usually in the nick of time type reminders. You’ll be super grateful !

You may receive an insight right there and then that will turn out to be super important to an issue you’re trying to solve

You might receive a genius idea later on that day or in the next few days…

Just by showing up for your practice, you open up to receive creative solutions. Pay attention to nudges and take the steps when intuitive hits come through

Other benefits and more about how meditation works

Where physical exercise strengthens the body and opens you up to movement forward, meditation develops emotional intelligence.

So much of Life is about how we handle situations. Our willingness to see things differently is where it’s all at… The way we respond and the grace with which we show up is Everything.

Einstein said “no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Meditation is a way to raise consciousness.

When your energy rises, you become naturally magnetic to your desires.

Let’s talk about Visualisation

Top athletes, innovative entrepreneurs and lots of super successful people attest to the power of creative visualisation. This is a practice where you allow yourself to dream up your successes. When feeling into those, you train your subconscious mind into opening up to ideas and steps that can help lead you there.

It’s also a great way to strengthen the belief system from the inside out.

I Love visualisation and use it a lot with my clients too ! It’s super powerful. Events, outcomes and desires clearly seen and felt in these moments manifest regularly.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to start with someone’s voice guiding you. We have included an abundance of meditations and visualisations in our online programs.

Try this RISE and Shine meditation, it’s a wonderful way to begin the day 🌟

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